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Cordite Ave vs. Electric Ave

I rediscovered these images from the Cordite vault this morning. Real photographs printed on photo paper. These were taken by David Prater in the final gasps of the 1990s I believe. Although the Cordite Ave (as threaded through Melbourne’s outer …

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The Long and Short of It and That: Some Thoughts on Book Reviews

This post is in reply to John Dale’s recent piece in The Conversation, Here they are: the rules for book reviewing, and Peter Rose’s evisceration of it In defence of book reviewers in Australia, also in The Conversation. Dale airs …

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Submission to Cordite 48: CONSTRAINT Open!

Poetry for Cordite 48: CONSTRAINT is guest-edited by Corey Wakeling That poetry be raised to a pulpit of freedom and then celebrated as a picaresque exploration of innate creativity slanders its name! In my view, license is the first thing …

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Cassidy on with Feature Reviews and Future Themes

The bad news first … I am sorry to see the departure of Lisa Gorton as Cordite’s Feature Reviews Editor. Over the past 18 months, her astute eye, impeccable judgement and gracious style has produced – and leaves us with – a superb legacy of robust and engaging feature reviews. Gorton’s work is testament to what can happen with excellent writing from reviewers and an engaged editorial acumen.

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Emerging Writers Festival Workshop: The Book as Experimental Form, Emergent Structure (Live Action Test-Drive)

In conjunction with the Emerging Writers Festival, Cordite Poetry Review is chuffed to present a workshop led by Astrid Lorange. Location: The Wheeler Centre Time: 6.30pm-8.30pm Available spaces: 16 Book your free attendance here. Be snappy about it! There are …

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Spoon Bending: A Chapbook Curated by Kent MacCarter

There is No Such Thing as a Good Poem about Nothing Nicolette Stasko: Sendai Tracy Ryan: Companion Poems    from the French Elzbieta Wójcik-Leese: everything in the garden Jane Gibian: Waiting Jennifer K Dick: CERN 43 JS Harry: A Good Idea Susan …

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Submission to Cordite 46.1: MELBOURNE Now Open!

Poetry for Cordite 46.1: MELBOURNE is guest-edited by Michael Farrell. This will be Cordite Poetry Review‘s first special issue that includes a number of poems selected from open submissions. It is supported by the City of Melbourne through its Arts …

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Submission to Cordite 46: NO THEME III Now Open!

Poetry for Cordite 46: NO THEME III is guest-edited by Felicity Plunkett I am interested in the idea of architecture as a way of capturing the place of a ‘no theme’ issue … amidst Cordite‘s many themed ones. In the …

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Too East Coast?

Hello readers, one and all. Firstly, thanks for continuing to read Cordite. I hope you’re finding some poems, reviews, essays to your liking in each issue. Recently, we have received a fair bit of correspondence expressing concern that the publication …

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Moon Cake, No Discount [Ohms for Rowland S Howard]

Electrical is a chitchat bong your physics shout fare The Scenic Railway rollercoaster ¡¡2 tokens!! a chart barks that Libra’s knees up-ended you before, here-here thy Paddle Pop cur I once flamed my tongue on a fructose that whisked along …

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HCI and The Muses of Poetry: Calliope Recites Jenkins, Lilley, Langdon and Williams

The Muses of Poetry is one of the current projects at the Research and Development Department of the Institute of Animation at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in Germany, that intends to bring poetry – its emotionality, auditory structures and nuances when words …

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Here(by) Freight

Scanning out across the shipping yards of Long Beach, California, my eyes barged into a crowd of ship-to-shore cranes, their booms twisting atop a copse of gantries. Busy operator cabins, tucked in at pivoting junctions, rendered the cranes a leisurely …

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