Neika Lehman

Pieman Heads

I try not to bring impressions with me as we step from the boat the ‘SHE’, Miss Arcadia II connects us with new journeys even if our touching irked the helmsman pissed up over the sand dunes among skeletons still …

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Tell Me Like You Mean It 3

In curating this chapbook I’m not sure I feel closer to answering these questions: certainly they are never stagnant … But I do feel closer to poetry’s resistance to answer these questions, which does circle back to some kind of answer to my last question – we return to poetry not because we have an answer, but instead return in a process of regeneration.

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For Katie West, after Clearing

when you almost catch the frog there is water underground when that tree is whistling you are feeling well, because you listen a dog eating grass might be doing better than you  renovate that child living under your roof yourself …

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