Poetry Editorial: Derek Motion

Essays: Destroy Kansas to Reveal Oz: from John Ashbery to Francis Webb by John Hawke, Planting Roots: A Survey of Introductions to Ecopoetry and Ecocriticism by Caitlin Maling and Place, Palimpsest and the Present Day: Gondwana in Caroline Caddy’s Antarctica by Rosalind McFarlane

Artworks: Four Cutups from MBC by Maxine Beneba Clarke and Pussy and Politics: Five Lithograph Posters by Favianna Rodriguez

Translations: The Earth of Kashgar (translated excerpts of a long poem) by Ouyang Yu, Six Poems by Ардак НУРГАЗЫ in English, Chinese and Kazakh by Ouyang Yu, Four Melancholic Songs by Rubén Darío by Stuart Cooke and Paul-Henri Campbell presents three contemporary German poets: Ulrike Draesner, Nora Gomringer and Lydia Daher

Scholarly: The Ethics of Attention in Peter Larkin’s ‘Leaves of Field’ by Sophie Seita

Ekphrastic: Mortal:Drift by Niobe Syme and Fiona White

New Review: Timothy Yu Reviews Contemporary Asian Australian Poets

Blog: The Breadth of Vast Time by Pete Hay


Story Circle: The Transnational Story Hub and the Inspiraciones Literarias curated by Merlinda Bobis (featuring Patrick McGowan, Donna Waters, Tara Goedjen, William Alister Young, Elisa Parry and Matilda Grogan)

Proteaceae curated by Peter Minter (featuring Michelle Cahill, Bonny Cassidy, Louise Crisp, Stuart Cooke, Jim Everett, Ali Cobby Eckermann, Natalie Harkin and Martin Harrison)

Audio: Ursonate (Kurt Schwitters fragment) by Anna Fern

And a sequence of 47 new poems selected by Derek Motion:

Boiling Water
by Autumn Royal
The Waterfall
by Rachael Mead
by Fiona Wright
A Crab Tide
by Sarah Holland-Batt
from Eternal Counsel
by Eddie Hopely
Global Warming
by Mark Tredinnick
Tangle and Snare
by Emma Barnes
How to Drown
by Mran-Maree Laing
Sometimes I Wonder if
by Annie Zaidi
Double Shudder
by Stuart Cooke
Onion Sky
by Gary Pierluigi
Peppermint and Ivy
by Michael Cooper
by Liam Ferney
by Kevin Gillam
Black Spots
by Matthew Wallman
The Rainbow Bird
by Louise Carter
by Lizz Murphy
by Ali Jane Smith
by James Midgley
Recovered Memory
by Mags Webster
You Could Talk
by Jal Nicholl
Rock Bottom
by Toby Fitch
Sunlight and Finches
by Meredith Wattison
by Jill Jones
Linen Cartography
by Skye McFarlane
The First Farewell
by Saradha Koirala
Studio Portrait
by Barnaby Smith
Southern Cross
by Sharanya Manivannan
neurosity LXXX
by Jax NTP
by Jessica Smith
Norfolk Island Pine
by Rob Walker
by J.T. Williams
The Messiah
by Abdullah Noman
Her French Toast
by Andrew Galan
nest nattering
by Geraldine Burrowes
Conference Leave
by Ian Gibbins
A Gift
by Marc Swan
Wild Man
by David Adès
Cape Weed
by Dianne Millett
Time Scratched Record
by Indigo Eli
live through
by Owen Bullock
Mama Gondwana
by Victoria McGrath
The Deosai Plains
by Cory Collins
Approaching Paradise
by Sarah Holland-Batt
Last Morning in the Country
by Mran-Maree Laing
by Mags Webster
Halfway Home
by Mark Tredinnick


Released: 1 December 2013