Yhonnie Scarce | Florey and Fanny | Blown glass, 15 pieces, cotton aprons, dimensions variable; 2015

DOMESTIC Editorial: Natalie Harkin

Selections from 3 Yhonnie Scarce Series
7 Portraits by Ali Gumillya Baker
Jackie Ryan: Teaser to Burger Force 3
Carnage, Crosses and Curiosity: 13 Images by Yvette Holt

To Live There: on ‘Dispatch from the Future Fish’ by Eloise Grills and Darlene Soberano

Body of Sound curated by Yasmine Heisler. Featuring A J Carruthers, Alessandro Bosetti, Ania Walwicz, Carolyn Connors, Catherine Clover, Jacob Kirkegaard, Joel Stern, and Martina Copley.

Essays and memoir:
To Outlive a Home: Poetics of a Crumbling Domestic by Evelyn Araluen
Kathy Acker and The Viewing Room by McKenzie Wark
The Wild Workshop: The Ghost of a Brontëan Childhood in the Life of Dorothy Hewett by Lucy Dougan
Externalising the Symptom: Radicalised Youth and The Membrane by Stephen Muecke
On Deep Breaths and Friends Forever: Im/materiality and Mis/communication in Happy Angels Revisited by Lu Lin
Letter to Anne Carson: Work of Remembrance and Mourning by Subhash Jaireth

Translated Extracts from Chantal Danjou by Dominique Hecq
Spenser Santos Translates from Old English
The Poets: Pejk Malinovski Self-translates

‘The Rally Is Calling’: Dashiell Moore Interviews Lionel Fogarty

And 63 new poems selected by Natalie Harkin:
I Cry for You, Country
by Dub Leffler
Morning Tea
by Timmah Ball
Comfort Call
by Ellen O'Brien
After the End of Their World
by Hannah Donnelly
by Yvette Holt
Bush Mary Suite
by Teena McCarthy
Small with Crisp Curly Hair
by Faye Rosas Blanche
by Brenda L Croft
Ode to my mother tongue
by Serena Thompson
by Em König
by Ellen van Neerven
by Brenda Saunders
Vinegar and Bicarb
by Kirli Saunders
paper crane
by Raelee Lancaster
(Kuru Waru) Bushfires Eyes
by Ali Cobby Eckermann
hey babe how’s you’re day
by Alison Whittaker
by Anne-Marie Te Whiu
by Christy Tan
Tea Leaves Stains
by Charmaine Papertalk-Green
by Ling Toong
Please Don’t
by Kerry Reed-Gilbert
by Samantha Faulkner
laundered winds
by Dominic Guerrera
Unfinished Business
by Jeanine Leane
nest (becoming-penguin)
by Francesca da Rimini
by Jose Luis Pablo
During Your Lifetime
by Craig Santos Perez
The Line
by A D Harper
Grandmother Ghosts
by Mykaela Saunders
Baby Greys
by Anna Hayman-Arif
by Ally Chua
Domestic Help
by Judy Swann
by Mantz Yorke
by Olga Dermott-Bond
by Sue Peachey
Hoop Girl
by Andy Kissane
by Ron Pretty
You Left
by Emma Darragh
Blood In The Kija Sand
by Nola Gregory
Waking in the Blue
by Maria Takolander
patterns of abuse
by Pascalle Burton
Household Accounting
by Madeleine Dale
Rites of Passage
by Victoria McGrath
Domestic Violence
by Sophie Parente
by Lucy Mitchell
To Sana Solia the Sand Princess
by Zowie Douglas-Kinghorn
by Elaine Kelly
The Melanin Monologue
by Charlotte Raymond
The Dent
by Chelsea Houghton


Released: 1 February 2019


To Outlive a Home: Poetics of a Crumbling Domestic 

Friday, February 1st, 2019

While these pre-federation tropes of settler colonial Australia’s multifaceted and at times contradictory pastoral modes seem to recognise something of their incompatibility with Aboriginal land, they seek their resolution from burial, rather than reciprocal encounter with Aboriginal presence.

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Alex Creece Reviews Marion May Campbell’s third body

Tuesday, March 12th, 2019

third body takes form on the cusp of metamorphoses between species, ecosystems, technologies, existential planes, and even between art and artist.

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‘The Rally Is Calling’: Dashiell Moore Interviews Lionel Fogarty

Friday, February 1st, 2019

The poetry of Yoogum and Kudjela man, Lionel Fogarty, may be hard to follow, often distorting colloquial phrases or standardised grammar to retool the colonising English language into a form of resistance.

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Why Reading Sharon Olds Makes You a Better Person

Wednesday, August 1st, 2018

Yet, as literary theory in the intervening decades has shown, no individual can speak for the collective per se, bound as they are by the confines of their culture, gender, race, class, as well as the inherently constructed nature of that self that defines lyric poetry (which, as Maria Takolander has recently argued, is in turn bound by the technology that writes it).

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Submission to Cordite 91: NO THEME VIII

Monday, February 11th, 2019

I’m looking for work ‘with head, heart and guts,’ as Bei Dao says.

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