Abdul-Rahman Abdullah | In the name (ed 3) (2015) | Tinted silicone, steel gambrel, galvanised chain | 140 x 65 x 25cm

THE END Poetry Editorial by Pam Brown

The end is in the beginning and yet you go on: Samuel Beckett’s Lost Album by Darren Tofts
Last Concern by Adrian Martin
This is Not a Poetry Review: Self-publishing 101 by Caren Florance
Natural Selection: Ecological Postcolonialism as Bearing on Place by Phillip Hall
The Huntsman of the Rubáiyat: J H Prynne and Peter Henry Lepus Go to Abu Ghraib by Simon Eales

Divergent Culture, Historical Influence: 11 Works by Abdul-Rahman Abdullah

(Self)Translation and the Poetry of the ‘In-between’ by Paul Venzo

Interview with Laurie Duggan (Ella O’Keefe edit)

Six Poems from Nachoem Wijnberg’s Divan of Ghalib by David Colmer
Danielle Collobert’s Survie by Marty Hiatt

Shy nag (a code opera): ACT II by Christopher Funkhouser and Sonny Rae Tempest
The End Dozen by M C Hyland
Heavenly Emporium of Benevolent Knowledge by Aden Rolfe

New Reviews:
Rob Wilson reviews Best Australian Poems 2015 edited by Geoff Page
Chloe Wilson reviews Jill Jones and Tracy Ryan

Stephen Muecke’s introduction to Broken Teeth
Felicity Plunkett’s introduction to Common Sexual Fantasies, Ruined
Divya Victor’s introduction to Koel
Ann Vickery’s introduction to Lake
Maria Takolander’s introduction to She Woke & Rose
Berni M Janssen’s introduction to Spelter to Pewter

And 67 new poems selected by Pam Brown:
Numinbah Valley in Spring
by Melissa Lucashenko
Remote Community
by Jeanine Leane
Don’t Want Me to Talk
by Charmaine Papertalk-Green
Dust and Drag
by Samuel Wagan Watson
by Ellen van Neerven
Cultural Precinct
by Natalie Harkin
Jim Morrison’s Aubade
by David McCooey
Serial Poems
by Maged Zaher
from [[terrain grammar]]
by Jane Joritz-Nakagawa
by Stuart Barnes
Scott Walker Song
by Ross Gibson
Sidereal Time
by Chris Holdaway
Sinkhole Poem
by Melody Paloma
That Must Be a Duck
by Magdalena Zurawski
Axis 37: Bend
by A J Carruthers
takk for alt
by Kit Kelen
how many more are coming
by Mark Roberts
by Philip Hammial
In the Meantime
by Louise Carter
no title
by Judy Annear
by Elizabeth Morton
by Carin Smeaton
by Fiona Hile
by Kate Lilley
Traces 6: Quality time
by Rachel Blau DuPlessis
Put Your Helmet On
by Michael Farrell
After the Orgy
by Toby Fitch
(untitled 2)
by Dorothy Lehane
(untitled 1)
by Dorothy Lehane
(untitled 3)
by Dorothy Lehane
by Christopher Konrad
The Last Suburb
by Sarah St Vincent Welch
The Future Un-imagine
by Angela Gardner
Chronotope Highway
by Keri Glastonbury
by Kate Middleton
by Eddie Hopely
Deserts and Promises
by Shona Hawkes
by Vanessa Page
Poem for Bats
by Jacob Edwards
Talking English
by Phillip Hall
by Quinn Eades
culture afloat
by Ella O'Keefe
Bricks of Myrtle
by Nick Harrison
Getting Old
by Reihana Robinson
by Anne Elvey
Historical Winter
by Emily Stewart
by Michael Nardone
by Vaughan Rapatahana
Katun River
by Cassie Lewis
Spare a Thought
by Chris Edwards
Scenic Overlook
by Michael Nardone
Wall Wisdon
by Linh Dinh
by Melody Paloma
A Northern Winter
by Laurie Duggan
Dark Heart
by Ken Bolton
I’m with Stupid.
by Stephanie Christie


Released: 1 February 2016


THE END Editorial

Monday, February 1st, 2016

I think I was thinking of a big concept like ‘The End Times’ when I made up a theme for poems for this issue of Cordite Poetry Review. There is general consensus that the times we’re living in are endtimes. …

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Review Short: Linda Weste’s Nothing Sacred

Monday, February 8th, 2016

Linda Weste’s Nothing Sacred provides an eclectic, erotic and sometimes profane insight into the private and public lives of Republican Rome. The combination of historicity with sensory poetics provides an immersive, visceral reading experience. And there is immediacy about the submersion in place – the reader is there from the first line, walking through the ‘peat bog haze’ and ‘streamers of blood’ of the eternal city.

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Interview with Laurie Duggan (Ella O’Keefe edit)

Monday, February 1st, 2016

Image courtesy of Australian Poetry Library Hazel de Berg’s recordings take place in the homes or work spaces of the subjects rather than a recording studio. This allows something of these places into the recording whether birdsong, traffic or an …

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(Self)Translation and the Poetry of the ‘In-between’

Monday, February 1st, 2016

The subject and practice of translation has long been a feature of my poetry. It is a way of enacting bilingualism; the splitting and doubling of words, ideas, images and meanings that comes about in the processes of translation reflects my identity as someone who is in constant movement between cultures, split and doubled by my twin allegiances to different languages and places. In particular, I am interested in exploring my own practice of self-translation, to more fully understand the relationship between my poetic practice of writing across English and Italian and my subjectivity.

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Introduction to Tony Birch’s Broken Teeth

Friday, January 29th, 2016

Cover design by Zoë Sadokierski Don’t think you’ll get away with lightly reading these Tony Birch poems. They are not just words whistling on the wind. They come laden with other gifts. With a whole place: Melbourne. With a long …

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