Michael Cook | Rule | Tunnel, 2014 | Inkjet print on paper | 98x140cm

EXPLODE Editorial: Awfully Passionate Egregious Demagogueries … Dan Disney

On the Sidewalk: Towards an Ethopoetics of the Streets by Kim Cheng Boey

‘Transgressive Circulation’: Translation and the Threat of Foreign Influence by Johannes Göransson
Metapod: An Essay and Analysis by Amelia Dale
Sublime Necrophilia or Ceasing To Exist in Order to Be : On Translating Kim Kyung Ju’s I Am a Season that Does Not Exist in the World by Jake Levine
Sharon Olds, Gwen Harwood and Dorothy Hewett: Truth, Lies, Poetry by Ann-Marie Priest
Plato, Badiou and I: an Experiment in Writerly Happiness by Ali Alizadeh
Activist Journal: Ireland and Germany Extraction, 2015-16 by John Kinsella

Mother and Rule: 8 Prints by Michael Cook
Contemporary Monsters: 11 Works by Marian Tubbs

Jesse Nathan Interviews August Kleinzahler
Elena Gomez Interviews Jasmine Gibson
Amy Hilhorst Interviews David McCooey

Santiago Vizcaíno’s ‘Porn Verse’ by Kimrey Anna Batts
Two Translated Edith Södergran Poems by Nicholas Lawrence
Three Translated Ester Naomi Perquin Poems by David Colmer

And a sequence of 62 new poems selected by Dan Disney:
by Ellena Savage
by Chris Mansell
by Janet Galbraith
by Patricia Sykes
Ruoy Ycnellecxe
by Don Mee Choi
by Joyelle McSweeney
by Angela Gardner
Call Them Proof
by Sarah Mangold
What lies broken
by Rachael Mead
from sonnet(s)
by Daniel John Pilkington
Song not for you
by Andy Jackson
The Doomsday Song
by Christian Bök
High Tide
by Stuart Cooke
by John Wilkinson
Legitimate Fragment
by Jarad Bruinstroop
Rat Chow
by Chris Edwards
September 11, 1973
by Juan Garrido-Salgado
by Les Wicks
by Jordie Albiston
by Julie Maclean
by Anne Elvey
by Ella Skilbeck-Porter
Distance Theory | Teoría de la distancia
by Valerie Mejer Caso and Torin Jensen
by Violet Grigoryan
X-Codes, or Katrina Crosses
by Cassandra Atherton
Creative Vacancy
by Lachlan Brown
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
by Liam Ferney
The Gates to Dismaland
by Alex Griffin
by Behrouz Boochani
Zero Zero Zero Zero
by Johannes Göransson
by Laynie Browne
by Vanessa Page
by Laynie Browne
by Rose Hunter
Invicta Break Open
by Dusk Dundler
by Chris Armstrong
Judas at Home
by Patrick Marlborough
by John Pagnozzi
by James Brodows
After Fu Baoshi
by James Stuart
Cycles and Lines
by Kevin Gillam
by Jake Goetz
In Outback
by Glenn McPherson
Border Crossing
by Peter Boyle
In Those Rooms
by Paul Hetherington
Emblems and Tokens
by Marc Pietrzykowski
Walk with Dad
by Carolina Skibinski
by Ian Gibbins
Roll Call
by Kim YiDeum
Extinction Checklist
by Aaron Bauer
Off Kilter
by Ali Alizadeh
The Anxiety of Affluence
by Matt Hetherington


Released: 1 November 2016


EXPLODE Editorial: Awfully Passionate Egregious Demagogueries … reflections on absolutes, straying, anguish and bees

Tuesday, November 1st, 2016

If poets are in the business of cultivating ‘voice’ then, logically enough, to which ends? Is there an onus not only to learn how to speak but to also become versed in what to speak of? If 20c. English-language poetry can be characterised at least partly as a constellation of non-dogmatic radicalised tropes making response to authorising discourses of power / knowledge, then which impetus remains (if any) to adopt transgression as a foremost rhetorical mode?

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Stuart Cooke Reviews Francisco Guevara

Monday, January 16th, 2017

At the time of his death, Francisco Guevara – ‘Kokoy’ to everyone who knew him – was becoming a unique, unwavering presence in contemporary Filipino poetry. An unlikely graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop (reports suggest that he was repeatedly stymied by the rituals of the workshop lyric), in 2010 he returned home to the Philippines to take up a position at De La Salle, one of the country’s most prestigious universities.

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Elena Gomez Interviews Jasmine Gibson

Tuesday, November 1st, 2016

Jasmine Gibson is a Philly jawn now living in Brooklyn and a soon to be psychotherapist for all your gooey psychotic episodes that match the bipolar flows of capital. She spends her time thinking about sexy things like psychosis, desire and freedom.

I met Jasmine in New York earlier this year where she spoke as part of a panel with Commune Editions editors Juliana Spahr, Joshua Clover and Jasper Bernes, about activism and poetry. Her chapbook Drapetomania (Commune Editions) had me in its grip and I wanted to find out more from Jasmine about the themes in her poetry and work as an activist, and the way those two aspects of her practice reproduce each other.

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On the Sidewalk: Towards an Ethopoetics of the Streets

Tuesday, November 1st, 2016

In his prose poem ‘The Eyes of the Poor,’ Baudelaire stages a Parisian tableau that brings together the disenfranchised poor and the privileged bourgeoisie in an awkward moment of encounter. The lyric / narrative ‘I’ and his female companion were …

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Introduction to Matthew Hall’s False Fruits

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017

Fruit is the apogee of the pastoral. It’s what the work, the waiting, the ritual and the thanks are for. But the making of fruit is costly and even the ‘natural’ cycle of things will be managed so some factors are privileged over others. In this cycle of post-lyrical poems, Hall questions the form and circumstances of these factors. What are they?

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