Artwork by Teena McCarthy

Propaganda Editorial: Simon Groth and Mez Breeze

12 Artworks by Teena McCarthy

Anti-Doodles: a Dada-ist Game for Long Pandemic Afternoons by Ray Briggs and Anna Zusman
Motherhood, Language and the Everyday During the Poetry of Astrid Lorange, Amy Brown and L K Holt by Melody Ellis
On Speaking and Unheard Women: Interrogating Classical Silence in the Poetry of Anna Jackson and Helen Rickerby by Anuja Mitra
A Poet’s Progress in the ABC: Reflections on a Life in Radio by Mike Ladd
CREATURELY: In Praise of New Poetry from Aotearoa by Joan Fleming
Fox Mask Children by Gregory Kan
Music Becomes Memory: What Listening to Music Does to the Poetic Voice by Jess Zanoni
The Surveyed Vision: 36 Meditations on 3 Books by Barry Hill (Peacemongers, Grass Hut Work and Reason & Lovelessness) by Javant Biarujia
Excerpt from In the Time of the Manaroans by Miro Bilbrough

Gin, Poetry, and Slaying the Devil: Joel M Toledo Interviews Lourd De Veyra
‘Chops and surrender’: Nam Le Interviews Jaya Savige
Conjuring Merlín with an ‘í’: Shannon Maguire Interviews Erín Moure
‘It is a gift for you’: Darlene Silva Soberano Interviews Manisha Anjali
‘Multiple things at once’: Hana Pera Aoake Interviews Jackson Nieuwland
‘Mix it with grit’: Claire Albrecht Interviews Jill Jones

3 Antoine Emaz Translations by Luc Arnault
3 Amir Hamzah Translations by James Scanlan

Get Ready with Me: 6 Poems by Jini Maxwell
Contemporary Chinese Poetry in Translation: The Homings and Departures Project by Lucy Dougan and Paul Hetherington

Direct Action on Things: Harry Hooton and Artist Film in Australia by Giles Fielke
Poetry Against Neoliberal Capitalism in Ali Alizadeh and Melinda Bufton by Julia Clark

And 65 new poems selected by Mez Breeze and Simon Groth:
Housemaid Demons
by Mireille Juchau
Krenuli Su Vuci
by Dženana Vucic
Listing lost days
by Leni Shilton
Stone Fella
by Bronte Gosper
by Rory Green
Whisper Campaign
by Amaranth Borsuk
The Ceremony
by Jared Yates Sexton
by Yumna Kassab
On the web that farms
by Sam Domingo
Calypso from a Cemetery Slum
by Amílcar Sanatan
in the chair
by Chloë Callistemon
Corona lens
by Jeremy Hight
nothing ever really
by Lujayn Hourani
Request // Response
by Rae White
by Chris Ifso
intro to chinese politics
by Carissa Cheow
Another Bushfire Poem
by Nicholas Chłopicki
Red Scare
by Eva Birch
Victory (1917)
by Anastasia Radievska
The Management
by Peter Harney
American Dream
by Grant Quackenbush
Thenar Webspace
by Jeremy George
by Mike Ladd
by Shona Hawkes
91 days
by Sarah Temporal
Villanelle (coercion)
by Marina Hazard
by Alex Sutcliffe
The Colour of Shame
by Rhiannon Hall
It Turns Back Upon Itself
by Jennifer Eadie
by Marina Tulic
by Andrew Sutherland
Worn-out thongs
by Lucy Roberts
by Gerard Sarnat
Cook 2614
by Dave Drayton
by Oliver Driscoll
by Eva Collins
by Jilly O'Brien
Lion’s Bridge
by Ion Corcos
You Want It Darker
by Daniel John Pilkington
How good is this?
by Victor Billot
The Lament of Kel Nedly
by Francis Bede
Surveillance: 3
by Annie Zaidi
The Company You Keep
by Chris Joseph
Excerpt from KATI THANDA
by Campbell Thomson
Survey said.
by Sarah Black
A Good Boy
by Craig Bolland
by Paul Dawson
On Day One, We Will Begin Working
by Natalie D-Napoleon
by Matthew Louttit
Addictive Media
by Philip Muir


Released: 1 October 2020



Saturday, October 31st, 2020

We consciously eschewed the substantial but well-represented body of Singaporean poetry originally written in English, and instead sought out voices from Tamil, Malay, Chinese and more which have not been as well circulated in the anglophone literary world.

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Joel Ephraims Reviews Ashbery Mode Edited by Michael Farrell

Monday, November 23rd, 2020

The presence of John Ashbery shines over contemporary literature, for many as an enigma, indisputably as a catalyst.

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‘Mix it with grit’: Claire Albrecht Interviews Jill Jones

Thursday, October 1st, 2020

Adelaide poet Jill Jones sits down 1,525.5 km from me, Claire Albrecht in Newcastle, to discuss her sparkling twelfth book A History of What I’ll Become.

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Poetry Against Neoliberal Capitalism in Ali Alizadeh and Melinda Bufton

Thursday, October 1st, 2020

Poetry has a long history of disruption, resistance, and revolution, overlapping the concerns of politics with literature and the boundaries of language.

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, and
Submission to Cordite 101: NO THEME 10

Tuesday, October 20th, 2020

Images courtesy of Jeanine Leane and John Kinsella. From now, and throughout 2021, we’re celebrating 25 years of publishing. Milestones include the publication of Cordite Poetry Review’s 100th issue in February, Cordite Books’ 40th print title, and the new free …

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