Image by Annette Willis

Poetry Editorial: Fiona Wright and Omar Sakr

The Organising Mind: Discipline and Austerity in Jackson Mac Low and Art After 1960 by A J Carruthers
Virginia Woolf’s Incidental Pilot, Marianne Wex’s Legroom and the Dancing Man by Meredith Wattison
John Forbes’s ‘Miraculous Fluidity’ by Corey Wakeling
Extimate Subjects and Abject Bodies in Australian Poetry by Michelle Cahill

Remnants: 12 Photographs by Annette Willis

Christy Dena Interviews Eric Zimmerman
Aden Rolfe Interviews Eliot Weinberger

On a Hot, Wet, Kinky Evening in Fortitude Valley by Sam Wagan Watson

Six Poems by Najwan Darwish by Kareem James Abu-Zeid and Omar Sakr
Ten Poems by Joan Brossa by Cameron Griffiths
Three Self-translations in Three Languages by Marilyne Bertoncini
Five Poems by Vahe Arsen by Ofelya Suqiasyan and Aram Arsenyan

New Reviews:
Michael Aiken reviews Duncan Hose
Gareth Morgan reviews Love, Sex and Death in the Poetry of Bolesław Leśmian, Translated by Marcel Weyland


And a sequence of 48 new poems selected by Omar Sakr and Fiona Wright:
by Elizabeth Allen
Gas Deity
by Ed Wright
by Anthony Lawrence
by Sanna Peden
by Chris Lynch
Horse Preamble
by Ania Walwicz
Focus Pulling
by Shane Strange
by David Morris
Hey Preacher.
by Charlotte Guest
by Louise Carter
by Carol Jenkins
Resort Town
by Judith Beveridge
by Matthew Jenkins
by Alison Gorman
Humid Mirror
by Martin Kovan
Criminal Thoughts
by Jane Downing
by Emily Crocker
by Izzy Roberts-Orr
Ode to the L90
by Tessa Rose
by Phillip Hall
Precede Me
by Caitlin Doyle-Markwick
The forgotten mountain
by Maria McMillan
The Cake is Done. I’m Finished.
by Heather Taylor Johnson
Our Father
by Aidan Chafe
Realness in the Mountains
by Justin Wolfers
by Aviva Shifreen
She meant vegan, of course
by Melinda Kallasmae
The Instinct of Sharks
by Vanessa Page
Lovers of Valdaro
by Samantha van Zweden
Blackberry Caliphate
by Rico Craig
The Change Room
by Andy Jackson
by Madelin Newman


Released: 4 May 2016


NO THEME V Editorial

Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

I must admit that I ventured – no, sauntered – into this guest editing position on feet of clouds. Such a fantastic opportunity to peek behind the curtains of one of Australia’s best and most prolific poetry publications was not to be missed, I thought. In fact, it seemed almost too good to be true. How many other publications would give this chance to an emerging poet of colour, even with the steadying hands of the enviably skilled Fiona Wright alongside? I’m hard pressed to name even one. It took great trust (and, I think now, sadism too) to entrust my judgment with the work of hopeful hundreds.

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Michael Aiken Reviews Duncan Hose

Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

The bio of Duncan Bruce Hose describes the Australian poet as coming from ‘the softslang line of the chansonnier, whose reference points range between Trefoil Island, Melbourne and Coney Island.’ In Bunratty, his third collection, that ‘softslang line’ delivers a suite of deftly composed (post)modernist folk songs, characterised by a highly idiosyncratic orthography and a preoccupation with sex and booze.

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Christy Dena Interviews Eric Zimmerman

Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

Eric Zimmerman is a game designer, academic and educator. He makes digital games, analogue games, installations, experimental narrative games, has written non-fiction books that are key texts in universities and is the founding faculty at the NYU Game Center.

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(Self)Translation and the Poetry of the ‘In-between’

Monday, February 1st, 2016

The subject and practice of translation has long been a feature of my poetry. It is a way of enacting bilingualism; the splitting and doubling of words, ideas, images and meanings that comes about in the processes of translation reflects my identity as someone who is in constant movement between cultures, split and doubled by my twin allegiances to different languages and places. In particular, I am interested in exploring my own practice of self-translation, to more fully understand the relationship between my poetic practice of writing across English and Italian and my subjectivity.

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On a Hot, Wet, Kinky Evening in Fortitude Valley

Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

It was one of those typical Brisbane Sundays coming into storm season and Fortitude Valley was soaked by a magnificent volley of thunder clusters.

I was in a daze, still getting back to being me after some time-out / brain bleeds / loss of work / heart out of place … and basically bad writing! My partner had invited me to the Powerhouse on this afternoon for the matinee of a show, and in the shred of performance and storm we found ourselves dripping but not exactly ready to call the afternoon quits.

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