Hoda Afshar

DIFFICULT Editorial: Holly Isemonger and Oscar Schwartz

11 Works by Hoda Afshar
11 Works by Paola Balla

The Unaugmented Reality of Transgender Discrimination: ‘Do more, do better’ by Rae White and Keira Edwards-Huolohan
Sonic Twin? A Poetics of Poetic Radio by Prithvi Varatharajan
Punk Calligraphy: A Primer on Asemic Writing and Scribbles by Tim Gaze
Experimental Confessionalism: The Personal Turn in American Post-conceptual Poetry by Hazel Smith
What the Repetitions of Poetry Might Help Us Remember about Home, Belonging and the Self by Lynn Davidson

Why Reading Sharon Olds Makes You a Better Person by Jeremy Page

Two Translated Marcos Konder Reis Poems by Stuart Cooke
Four Translated Vasile Baghiu Poems by Cristina Savin

An Unwitting Pariah: Kathryn Hummel in Conversation with Kaiser Haq

And 50 new poems selected by Oscar Schwartz and Holly Isemonger:
bay city plaza
by Jini Maxwell
black & white crocodile
by Zoe Kingsley
by Kirli Saunders
by Aisyah Shah Idil
Anne de Bourgh
by William Fox
Echinacea/Youth in Asia/Euthanasia
by Eric Yoshiaki Dando
by Brendan Bonsack
The Kangaroos
by Lynley Edmeades
Squid Squad #17-#20
by Matthew Welton
Bus Stop
by Alison Coppe
Happy Birthday
by Emily Crocker
Plate Boundaries
by Harriet McInerney
w8 (1-3)
by Jack Williams
5 Sonnets
by Mark Leidner
Darwin Memorial Library
by Jocelyn Deane
Grounds for hope
by Lara Arikan
from Conglomerates
by Emily Stewart
Having a Hoegaarden Met Jou
by Mitchel Cumming
Taking Care
by Georgia Jennings
No. 5
by Lachlan Peacock
How Could You
by Barbara De Franceschi
by Roger Patulny
things I left out
by Miro Bilbrough
Ghosts of Instagram
by Jacob Parsons
by John Bartlett
by Parker Black
by Mark Young
Gathering the Rocks
by Stephen Smithyman
by Alasdair Cameron
Do more, do better
by Rae White


Released: 1 August 2018


Introduction to DIFFICULT

Wednesday, August 1st, 2018

DifficultWhen people say ‘difficult’ and ‘poetry’ in the same sentence they are usually referring to the experience of reading a certain type of poem.

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Review Short: Cary Hamlyn’s Ultrasound in B-Flat and Other Poems and Jill Jones’s The Quality of Light and Other Poems

Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

Jones’s superb collection reinvigorates poetry as a quality of illumination amidst all kinds of opacity, sparking affective and rhythmic conversations between literature, politics, ecology and cosmology. Her poetry engages and enacts what T S Eliot called the ‘auditory imagination’, ‘the feeling for syllable and rhythm, penetrating far below the conscious levels of thought and f eeling’.

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An Unwitting Pariah: Kathryn Hummel in Conversation with Kaiser Haq

Wednesday, August 1st, 2018

At the close of his poem ‘Autumn Fragment’, Kaiser Haq asks: ‘Can one write / Verse that is free of ambiguity?’ A more pointed consideration for contemporary writers hailing from Bangladesh is whether perhaps one should.

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Why Reading Sharon Olds Makes You a Better Person

Wednesday, August 1st, 2018

Yet, as literary theory in the intervening decades has shown, no individual can speak for the collective per se, bound as they are by the confines of their culture, gender, race, class, as well as the inherently constructed nature of that self that defines lyric poetry (which, as Maria Takolander has recently argued, is in turn bound by the technology that writes it).

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Garcon-Mills on as Indigenous Engagement Editor and Guide for Indigenous Editing and Writing

Wednesday, September 26th, 2018

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