Andrea Srisurapon

GAME Editorial: Jini Maxwell and Rory Green

Covid Clean: 11 Works by Andrea Srisurapon
Hasta Carmen: 12 Works by Camila Galaz
what’s ur love language by Erica Lange
A Scourge on the Rising Saviours of the Damned by Moth Loths

Arts of the Possible: Time, Politics and Gaming’s Virtual Worlds by Darshana Jayemanne
The Stakes of Settlement: Fences in Ned Kelly and Michael Farrell by James Jiang
Simulative Pleasure: The Game of Reading in English Education by Lauren Weber
Instapoetry: The Anxiety of the Influencer by Bridget Vincent
Just Mediation: Videogames, Reading and Learning by Julian McDougall and Will Marshall
Erasure Poetry As Outsourcing the Lexicon with Reference to Srikanth Reddy’s Voyager and M NourbeSe Philip’s Zong! by Chris Holdaway

Special features:
Fair Trade: a way to RE/order /imagine /code the world by Anne-Marie Te Whiu
Introduction to Teena McCarthy’s Bush Mary by Robert Adamson

‘A foot between two whenua’: Morgan Godfery Interviews Hana Pera Aoake
‘Playful and iterative’ Ian MacLarty Interviews Gemma Mahadeo

Translation of Wadih Sa’adeh’s ‘Dead Moments’ by Robin Moger
3 Maya Abu-Alhayyat Translations by Fady Joudah

A Special Starch: Poems by Grace Yee
Family Mathematics: Continued Fractions by Marty Ross and Tricia Dearborn

And 60 new poems selected by Rory Green and Jini Maxwell:
Soft Corruptor
by Everest Pipkin
love far from here
by Christy Tan
Blue Forever
by Carly Stone
Enderman’s Lament
by Hannah Jenkins
Server Close
by Nuttatulipa
by Nathan Mifsud
Sun and Coin
by Manisha Anjali
Miss Tasmania 1985
by Stephen Sexton
Pocket Map
by Tegan Webb
Meditation on the Body
by Zenobia Frost and Timothy Tate
by Holly Isemonger
Andrew Bonar Law
by Dave Drayton
The kingdom, hero absent
by Josie/Jocelyn Deane
Ways of Making Dinner
by Denise Thwaites
by Shastra Deo
Compassionate Grounds
by Anders Villani
by Luoyang Chen
Baab Ø2: Epilogue
by Mohamed Chamas
by Rozanna Lilley
Heart Engine
by Pierce Wilcox
natural sciences trivia
by Dženana Vucic
by Rebecca Jessen
by Scott-Patrick Mitchell
by Jonno Révanche
__LOCKDOWN__ Protocol
by Tim Busuttil
ludic (II)
by Stu Hatton
First Reading
by Andy Kissane
Switching Stages
by Joseph Jude
by Christian Ryan Ram Malli
The lost poem
by Dugald Williamson
by Deirdre Camba
First Game
by Carolyn Masel
Reverse Reverence
by Ray Cox and Rae White
a gordian knot
by Alice Bellette
A Field Guide to Triplines
by Angela Gardner
Impossible Borders
by Andreas Mertin
by Broede Carmody
by Elisabeth Siegel
Crown Of Moons
by Michael Borth
by Alex de Voogt
Ready or Not
by Nicole Melanson
eastern line
by Fraser Mackay
Double Glazed
by Claire Rosslyn Wilson
Family mathematics
by Tricia Dearborn


Released: 1 August 2021


Erasure Poetry As Outsourcing the Lexicon with Reference to Srikanth Reddy’s Voyager and M NourbeSe Philip’s Zong!

Sunday, August 1st, 2021

Certainly one of the most radical works of erasure poetry is Zong! (Wesleyan, 2008) by M NourbeSe Philip. Where many other examples choose an ample text to move through in linear fashion, producing enough material in the process to constitute the project in its entirety, Philip instead reacts to an extreme paucity of information.

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Zowie Douglas-Kinghorn Reviews Slow Walk Home by Young Dawkins

Tuesday, August 10th, 2021

There is a humour to Slow Walk Home that interrupts solemn atmospheres with a wry warmth, comedy and tragedy unfurling like contrasting petals of the same bloom. The second collection of verse by Young Dawkins, an American-born poet who has lived in Scotland and now resides in Tasmania, Slow Walk Home also pays homage to Beat poets of his generation, evident in poems such as ‘The Real Lion—Ginsberg’ and ‘Kerouac, Raton Canyon’.

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‘Playful and iterative’ Ian MacLarty Interviews Gemma Mahadeo

Sunday, August 1st, 2021

In 2018, the poet and disability activist Gemma Mahadeo wrote a poem inspired by one of my videogames called Catacombs of Solaris published in The Victorian Writer.

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, and
maar bidi: Carving Sovereignty and Desire in Indigenous Youth Storytelling

Monday, February 1st, 2021

Academia has inherited a long history of non-Indigenous people speaking for Indigenous people.

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2021 Queensland Poetry Val Vallis Award Winners

Saturday, October 16th, 2021

Rich in imagery that is both vividly real and subtly symbolic, ‘Cicadas’ is a lyrical meditation on mortality, transformation and sustenance.

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