Poetry Editorial: Louis Armand & Helen Lambert

James Merrill House and Its Disembodied Transmissons by Ivy Ireland
Speaking Geographies: Collaboration Over Distance by Rosalind McFarlane and Siobhan Hodge
and Velimir Khlebnikov and ‘Displacement’ as Poetics by Angelina Saule

Terrance Houle and Adrian Stimson: Performative Gestures from the Canadian Prairies by Matthew Hall

Paul Magee Interviews Forrest Gander

E is for Errand (East Coast of Africa) by John Mateer

New Reviews:
John Kendall Hawkins reviews Poetic Revolutionaries: Intertextuality and Subversion by Marion May Campbell
Aaron Mannion reviews An Anthology of Modern Irish Poetry, Wes Davis, ed.
and Justin Clemens reviews Poetry and the Trace, John Hawke & Ann Vickery, eds.

Three Poems by Rabindranath Tagore by Mridula Chakraborty
Five Poems from Sergej Timofejev by Anne Marie Jackson
José Kozer's 'Wherein it is seen how buried always inside me is a Jew' by Peter Boyle
Three Poems by Menno Wigman by David Colmer
Two Translations of Robyn Rowland in Turkish by Mehmet Ali Çelikel
Three Translations of Alfonsas Nyka-Niliūnas by Lidija Šimkutė
Three Poems by Uwe Kolbe by Luke Davies
Marilyne Bertoncini's 'The Night of Lilac' by Jan Owen
and Two Poems by Alla Gorbunova and Three Poems by Andrei Filimonov
by Saint Petersburg, Russia's Transviolatingpoetry Collective

Philosophy prose:
Truth Beauty by Andrew Haas

In Collaboration by S J Fowler (with David Berridge, Tom Jenks, Andrew Spragg, William Ledford, and Ariadne Radi Cor)

And a sequence of 58 new poems selected by Helen Lambert, Louis Armand and Kent MacCarter:

Jack Gilbert Gets ‘Foeted’
by M T C Cronin and Peter Boyle
Well Tempered
by Nathanael O'Reilly and Lachlan Brown
Sherri Cise
by J. Gordon Faylor and Astrid Lorange
In Newcastle, In Tokyo …
by Keri Glastonbury and Ted Nielson
by Thurston Moore and John Kinsella
I’ve Been Living
by Barry Schwabsky and Vincent Katz
T.R.E.E. (Total Rare Earth Elements)
by Carol Watts and Will Montgomery
by Barry Schwabsky and Vincent Katz
by Anne Gorrick and John Bloomberg-Rissman
by Lars Palm and Richard Lopez
by David James Miller and Gracie Leavitt
We Bury Not Burn
by Chloë Callistemon, Eleanor Jackson and Betsy Turcot
When Did You Find Out
by Andrew Phillips and Fern Thompsett
Royal baby has first play date
by A J Carruthers and Kate Middleton
by Pam Brown and John Kinsella
The Redactions
by Les Wicks and Kevin Brophy
World’s End and Gadigal
by Meredith Wattison
Be Wrong Doing
by Leticia Parish and Karen Mezentsef
All is conversation, all is network.
by Szymon Dorabialski and Misael M.
by Peter O'Mara and Yasmin Heisler
by Nick Hadgelias and Ry Wilkin
by Patricia Sykes
by Stu Hatton
War Horse
by Lisa Jacobson
The Master
by Luke Beesley
perfect teeth
by Derek Motion
by Derek Motion
by Cui Yuwei
Breaking Two Habits
by Cui Yuwei
Five Egyptian Pieces
by John Tranter
Along the Highway, 1999
by Autumn Royal, Daniel Jenatsch and Harriet Gregory
leik i kno u don’t think they buzy …
by Holly Childs and Max Trevor Thomas Edmond
machine made out of words
by Pascalle Burton
Lives of the Poets
by Laurie Duggan
Goodbye, the Dream
by Robert Lumsden
Section 18
by Andrew Phillips
The Structure of Fiction
by Matthew Kirshman
What Not to Include
by Kathryn Hummel
bailiwick 4 & 5
by Matt Trease
by Stu Hatton
The Line
by Barry Schwabsky and Vincent Katz
Porch Light
by Ivy Ireland
Sonnet8 – “He sits awhile, then off he goes”
by Anne Gorrick and John Bloomberg-Rissman
by John Kinsella and Thurston Moore
All the Birds Between Us
by Chloë Callistemon and John Wainwright
la dominate
by Ariadne Radi Cor and S J Fowler
1000 proverbs
by Tom Jenks and S J Fowler
by William Letford and S J Fowler
40 Feet
by David Berridge and S J Fowler
by Andrew Spragg and S J Fowler


Released: 1 August 2014