Synaptic Organisation (1998)

By | 1 August 2014

1. Unexposed
our final site of integration
trees, the size of which
this idea, previous, rare

aggregated around,
closely associated, at odds with
raise the question, regardless

only random, the other hand
directly, unambiguously
our differences, clear, final

2. Processing
we extend, we open
with no consistent difference
apposed in another plane

we are part of the same cluster
unlabelled, enclosed
we never make contact

we bear away, reconstruct, apparently
terminate with the same neighbours
the similarity is striking

these are our confidence limits
we are not illustrated here, our actual
positions cannot be predicted this way

we are models
we are well numbered
we are generated like these

3. Exposed
most complete to date
devoid of input, relationships
dependent, available

reasons not encountered
a single, ten times more
the range of our probabilities

typical, compact, short
never tested, invalid
we have no definitive description

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