Poetry Editorial: Michael Nardone and Josephine Rowe

Essays: Bonny Cassidy becomes more intense, Donato Mancini gets incumbant, Kent MacCarter relives being freight and Eddy Banaré mines the life of Jean Mariotti (in French)

Interviews: Ali Alizadeh caffeinates with Paul Kane

Features: Angela Costi invokes the Phoenix, Ian Wedde curates a chapbook of contemporary New Zealand poetry (with Selina Tusitala Marsh, Anne Kennedy, Michele Leggott, Murray Edmond, John Newton and Sam Sampson) and Diana Arellano and a team from Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg present Calliope, a prototype avatar in the Muses of Poetry project (featuring Kate Lilley, Jane Williams, Carol Jenkins and Jo Langdon)

Featured Artist: Chris Haughton

Translations: Steve Brock presents Chilean Mapuche poetry in three languages, Luis Gonzalez Serrano translates dissident and wronged Salvadorian, Roque Dalton and Catherine Rey translates New Caledonia's Jean Mariotti, the first English translations to be published of his poetry

Cordite Scholarly: Paul Magee - Poetry as Extorreor Monolothe: Finnegans Wake on Bakhtin

Recent Reviews: Keri Glastonbury, Pete Spence, Jessica Wilkinson, Mathew Abbott, Best Australian Poems 2012, Lesley Synge, Anthony Lynch and Bonny Cassidy

And a sequence of 55 new poems selected by Michael Nardone and Josephine Rowe:

Day of a Seal, 1820
by Michelle Cahill
No Movies
by David Lau
What What
by Vanessa Place
ginen tidelands
by Craig Santos Perez
The Pacific Ocean
by Mark Young
Touching Earth
by Martin Kovan
Totality Canto 25
by Brian Ang
Topside, Nauru
by Vaughan Rapatahana
by Peter O'Mara
National Anthems
by Craig Sherborne
Japan Series
by Carol Jenkins
Reluminations II
by Stephen Collis
Pomegranates, Early November
by Dominique Santos
by Doug Poole
by Angela Rawlings
by Rosalind McFarlane
Pacific Solution 3
by Mark Roberts
Horse Latitudes
by Jillian Pattinson
Why Islands
by Nicholas Powell
ginen sounding lines
by Craig Santos Perez
by Alice Allan
Singing for Their Lives
by Patricia Reid
The Untitled (52)
by Garry Thomas Morse
Tacit Knowledge
by Caitlin Maling
Desert —
by Anna Kerdijk Nicholson
by Mat Laporte
Winds of Change
by Nicholas Komodore
by Marty Smith
For Elise
by Martin Kovan
by Michelle Cahill
by Nicole Raziya Fong
3 Lost Men
by Rose Hunter
Tears in Rain
by Brett Dionysius
by Peter O'Mara
Carrion Upbringing
by Mark Young
by Ian Gibbins
by Vaughan Rapatahana
Ipseity Game
by Lakshmi Gill
Becoming Crystal
by Jill Jones


Released: 1 February 2013