Tears in Rain

By | 1 February 2013

for Nola Andrews


mother watches w-droplets
& planet’s blood pressure falls.

in sixty thousand years will
big Mars glow her memory

radiate again?

misses meteor shower over
brisbane, four children fracture

& depart.

silver hair; gelatin frost plate -67°
cold dawn is her cultural space.


mother walks on green grass
ex-battery hen feet confusion

coal walker?

perspex sweats, can’t help it
ooohhh this feels good! Solid earth

claws frantic.

(heart)land burns domestic
re-entry, soul – Phuket soaked.

US air show pilot
aerial (r)ejected.


that wet chicken smell, damp
bedraggled histories; Ubik found.

reached through to the other side
plastics multiple underground

& cover girls.
see through them, w-droplets
virgin stewards read safety cues

arm doors.

every woman needs a hoe
for those corporate snakes.


drizzle flees mother’s country
anti-pastoral, soft plagues & shed

floors move.

half-mast mice, stalk hegemonies
sing out last moistures. rites of

spring abandoned.

drought’s fascist architecture
walls half papered, lino torn.

depression currency
of the great mind.


heaven will be Asiatic.
eternally damp for mothers.

no salt mirages, no dry heat
air-conditioned sanctuary

dust free.

she could believe in that
theology, sodden paradise

in between

& el nino.

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