Siliga David Setoga | 'White Sunday' | 2014 | Photograph: Setoga Setoga II

TRANSTASMAN Poetry Editorial: Where is it? Bonny Cassidy

‘We Are all Rejects’: Unsupported Writers and the New New Zealand Journal by Joan Fleming
Transplanting Colenso: Taxonomy and Translocation in Leicester Kyle’s Koroneho: Joyful News Out of the New Found World
by Jen Crawford

Four Paintings by Matt Arbuckle
To Change the World: Baxter As the Eternal Reader by Nigel Brown
'Oki fa'a kama Samoa moni lou ulu / Cut your hair like a true Samoan boy' and 'White Sunday' by Siliga David Setoga

Jessica Wilkinson Interviews Anna Jackson
Antigone in Aotearoa: Interview with Kefala (O'Keefe edit) by Hazel de Berg *podcast
Elena Gomez Interviews Kate Durbin

Tim Bollinger adapts 'Te Aro 17' and 'Te Aro 19' by David Beach
Tim Danko adapts 'Pembroke Chantey' and 'Charm of a Bivalve Chantey' by Duncan Hose
Rachel Fenton adapts 'I don’t hate you, but …' by Anita Heiss
Draw adapts Marty Hiatt with 'Certain Trace Elements Remain' and 'Drowning in Viscera (d)'

Three Poems by Rogelio Guedea by Kay Rozynski

Seeds from Rangiātea: Nine Māori and Pasifika Poets curated by Robert Sullivan, featuring Amber Esau, Apirana Taylor, David Eggleton, Jacqueline Carter, Marino Blank, Reihana Robinson, Kiri Piahana-Wong and Serie Barford
600 Lines of Blindness & Rage by Brian Castro
The Fascicles by Michele Leggott

Recalling the Poet: Childhood Memories of Sam Hunt by Meg Mundell
Dead Man Modified: A Letter from Vienna by Alice Miller

New Reviews:
Julian Novitz reviews Then It Was Now Again: selected critical writing by Murray Edmond
Brigid Magner reviews Young Country by Kerry Hines
Sally Evans reviews Wild Dialectics and Anti M by Lisa Samuels

And a double-issue sequence of 81 new poems selected by Bonny Cassidy:

Man Up
by Emma Neale
After Plato
by Chris Price
The Black Drop
by Anne Kennedy
The last to know
by Lisa Samuels
from understory
by Craig Santos Perez
by Ouyang Yu
I’m Not a Painter
by Vaughan Gunson
Woman Praying
by William Direen
the light in coal harbour
by Gillian Wigmore
Lunch poem
by Ashleigh Young
Trouble Girl
by Jenny Powell
by Lynley Edmeades
The Fascicles
by Michele Leggott
Belated Backstory
by Chris Tse
The Fern Boy
by Millicent Bishop
Practical Purposes
by Zarah Butcher-McGunnigle
Life-drawing class
by Frances Samuel
Tramping Through Headlands
by Erica Weatherlake
Bloody well doing
by Marty Smith
state library
by David Dick
by Stuart Cooke
63 no
by Liam Ferney
Learn the Flowers
by Anders Villani
On the Site of the Old YMCA
by Nguyễn Tiên Hoàng
by Loveday Why
How the Tide Turns
by Bernadette Hall
all over the surface
by Catherine Vidler
by Amy Brown
by Vivienne Plumb
by Hinemoana Baker
Plot lines
by Vincent O'Sullivan
The Lake
by Bill Manhire
The Sprinkler
by Ted Jenner
by Cyril Wong
Magaret Mahy
by Sugu Pillay
The Plea
by Linda Kunhardt
These Gloveless Hours
by Matti Spence
by Jenny Bornholdt
the neighbour’s house
by Johanna Emeney
The Dream of Endless Delays
by Maria McMillan
The Tithe
by Erin Handley
Self ie
by Alice Savona
Easter Sunday
by Brigitte Lewis
Heaven, Bruny Island
by Ken Bolton
Seven Tanka
by Richard von Sturmer
Trumpet Vine
by James Norcliffe
In My Shifts
by Jill Jones
Postcards (1)
by Cameron Griffiths
On Early Trains
by Jack Ross
Distant Trees
by Sam Sampson
Movers and Shakers
by Richard Reeve
The River
by Adam Stewart
South China, migration
by Brett Cross
always becoming, the octopus
by Frankie McMillan
Against Despair
by Carolyn McCurdie
Seven Visions
by Rachel Bush
The Underground Loop
by Lynn Davidson
Hard Bun
by Andrew Weatherly
Future Value
by Alan Feldman
by Bryan Walpert
A Cramped Garden
by Joe McLaren
Tears in the Symphony
by Brentley Frazer
Young Mick Jagger
by Kylie Beach
Yellow Chevrons
by Stephen Oliver
by Peter O'Mara
Mt Frederick
by Ben Walter
How I Cut My Nails
by Tapeshwar Prasad
by Carl Walsh
Te Aro 19
by David Beach
Te Aro 17
by David Beach
Pembroke Chantey
by Duncan Hose
blood & co.
by Marty Hiatt


Released: 1 August 2015