blood & co.

By | 1 August 2015

certain trace elements remain
stalked by monumental plastic bags
the venal serpent has so many moving parts!
but worrying about it is sound inspiration, featuring
pannikin set on pate & talc on gormless elbow

file some excess weight from the handle of your spoon

back in the shelter going mad nothing happens
the machines preceded me
a kind of vivisection in corridor unlit
the press of the nail, warts under leather
black-lemon reflux, urinals belch
a varicose etiquette in service of extraction
no one coming, not even the landlord
im not the ppl they had in mind
im not emitting the agreed upon signal
but this rites company enough
& if things get tough theres always my photo id
with head cocked at the future like a flint
& the viscera there, still unread, recommended for you.

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