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beyond the ouroboros
all the roads are parallel
we lean out of windows at speed for love
im not clever with the copula
im a slumpy fuck feigning in the fen
(worlds swallow worlds)
they suggest a new facemask. wot thraldom.

moth falls from lampshade like satan
they are of the sun
theyll not let you sleep
brain of steel, claw brain of alloy
all that youve striven to put out of mind
however belongs in here
this is not the end
but merely the end of disc one.
maybe we should try something else

maybe we should try something else
something else, claw brain of steel
something else

youve got dirt on your head!

disc one belongs in here
out of mind but in alloy brain
leaning in to an all-new facemask
something else, beyond the slump
the window the roads the fen the sun
worlds parallel for love
swallow sleep and fuck at speed
let the lampshade fall

disc one, the ouroboros, here in the merely clever mind
something else
(on repeat)

this is not the end
maybe we should try thraldom

maybe we should try thraldom
thraldom belongs in here!

all the masks are parallel
beyond the roads theyre feigning something else
that youve striven to repeat at speed
they suggest youre put out by disc one
the sun of steel that will not let you sleep
this must be borne in mind

but the face falls from satan
the face swallows moths and dirt
(wot else should we try in the fen?)
we like to claw and fuck the brain with the copula
for love maybe. not clever.
ive got a lampshade on my head
i lean out of windows and try on new worlds, however
this is not the end

this is not the end
i have a similar problem!
maybe we should try sleep
on the clever wings of moths
borne over the fen of worlds and brain
youve striven to get out of there like satan
but lampshades will not put out the sun
the ouroboros merely slumps into the dirt
something else belongs in here, something
with alloy claws and steel windows
you swallow the copula

a new facemask suggests love beyond the roads of thraldom.

in the end
disc one repeats
(the problem)

maybe the copula is the problem!
its claws are a thraldom similar
to the mind of clever satan
or the dirty fen of wingless sleep
the brain is really something else
it swallows suns and windows on repeat
i suggest you mask it with a steel head and face
you merely lean into your alloy feigning, however,
and speeding moths slump into the must

the ouroboros has striven to put love in us
strange echoes inundate the valley
new roads end up falling out of the parallel world

the end is not the problem, you clever fuck
its the beyond.

and beyond the problem is the maybe of the speeding here
beyond the end is the merely however
the ouroboros must echo the worlds problems
in parallel with all the suggestions on disc one
but the problem however is the merely similar echoes
of the speeding roads that repeat the swallowing of the ouroboros

youve striven to belong to speed
something else echoes in your steel brain, your alloy mind
satanic echoes of the sun in the valley of your sleep
(dirt must be a similar problem, for windows not moths)
they all suggest you lean into the parallel polyalloy falls
for a new facemask. put it on your head
and belong. what clever feigning

maybe we should put the problem of beyond in here,
maybe try to let head face mind brain repeat thraldom
borne on to the slumpy ouroboros beyond the copula, beyond the end

wheres my envoi?
hey you, ur-tater, make me an earth!
i wanna see how you do it so i can copy
avaunt, you sooterkin!
expectorate yourself!
from the top!

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