Natalia Jaeger | EC1R 4PL | London | 16x20

Edited by: Sophie Seita and Matthew Hall

Essays: The raison d’etre of onedit by Tim Atkins, Seeing Skulls, Reading Palms: Jasper Johns in 2014 by Sarah Hayden and One Size Fits All: On Out To Lunch's Unpublished BLAKE by Michael Tencer

Artworks: Nine Photographs from Natalia Jaeger

Blog: An Update to ‘Spying on the Poetry Scene in Edinburgh’ by Posie Rider by Jow Lindsay, A Personal Letter from the People’s Republic of Cork to the People of Cordite by James Cummins and Integral to the Ethos of The Other Room by Scott Thurston

And a sequence of 31 new poems selected by Sophie Seita and Matthew Hall:

from HUGZ
by Richard Barrett
by Andrea Brady
The Underworld
by Andrea Brady
Marlow One
by Andrea Brady
In the Škocjan Voids
by Andrea Brady
Depth Charge
by Andrea Brady
The Strangles
by Andrea Brady
I Alice
by Jennifer Cooke
Sky Writing
by Jennifer Cooke
by Jennifer Cooke
Carry On
by Jennifer Cooke
by Jennifer Cooke
End Notes
by Jennifer Cooke
Working – please stand by
by Emily Critchley
rising from aquifers
by Alison Croggon and Sophie Mayer
Last Year
by Amy Cutler and Edmund Hardy
Slow Bird
by Amy De’Ath
from Not Without Tree
by Mark Dickinson
Fantasy Index
by Ryan Dobran
by David Herd
from Becoming
by Francesca Lisette
clear jams
by Luke McMullan
by Luke McMullan
from Lip Trills
by Drew Milne and John Kinsella
iii. (Eris)
by Verity Spott
poem for you
by Samantha Walton
Too Weak to Be Modern
by Rachel Warriner
by Rachel Warriner


Released: 1 March 2015