5 Gabriela Mistral Translations

Gabriela Mistral is a central figure in 20th Century Latin American poetry. She was the first Latin American writer to win the Nobel Prize (in 1945), and to this day is the only Latin American woman to have won the …

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3 Lionel Ray Translations

The evening stretches towards the trees : the dead never left this country nor the lesser shadows of these hills. And you, you awake in the dust and flame of a simpler time. In the ripening brightness, this mouthful of …

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Long Poem Translation of Marilyne Bertoncini

Sand for my mother   be aware that comings and goings are like dreams, like reflections of the moon on water. –Yogi Milarépa I can’t remember the future, She says The sea is breathing is slow fickle expires and licks …

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3 Inger-Mari Aikio Translations

hundred what if all my men were to gather around me at the same time, the dead ones too, young in the morning, in the evening just as they are or would be if they lived what would they say …

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3 Hasan Alizadeh Translations

In Exile Far away too sorrow is domestic. A cloud—invisible— every evening in white letters— is caught by the eye for a moment through migrating shadows but it escapes from the eye. A stone —no!—a pebble which you roll & …

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6 Dimitris Troaditis Translations

With a Red Inclination This long march towards death must be stopped these purple deep-black marks of giddiness must change colour this unshakeable pain above the shelters of our hearts must mutate into explosive thought persistent and fiery fired on …

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5 Self-translations by Albena Todorova

Translations edited by Momchil Milanov you say don’t cry tears are a sign of weakness  saying you think only of yourself I reply I am not crying  it’s just that god inside me leans on the human it gets damp …

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6 Nora Iuga Translations

oh, how I cheat myself how I shuffle my lovers the living and the dead in this tavern named poetry I always relished being a coquette black stockings   bright red nails you know it’s very hard today to carry this shopping …

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4 Self-translations by Danijela Trajković

Passionfruit Honey I did not look for you on any road the roads grew tired of us so quickly anyway in the meadows where we ran there are no birds anymore I did not look for you at the village …

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4 Translated Kim Seung-hee Poems

A Heart Full of Fingernails In sin, sin knows no sin. In solitude, solitude knows no solitude. “A series of solitary deaths all over the country.” Though I am not a prisoner of conscience, what always troubles me is the …

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5 Translated Yosuke Tanaka Poems

Image courtesy of The High Window. For a Person Suffering from Air-Conditioning Syndrome Because Japan is located at the edge of Asia you can enjoy great soup noodles there Let’s start with that as an introduction When you enter a …

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A Buzz in the Retina: On Translating Luljeta Lleshanaku

So much of my process of translating Luljeta Lleshanaku’s poems is the story of my relationship to language and writing.

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