Cristina Savin

Cristina Savin is a freelance translator based in Australia. She is the French-to-English translator of Marie Lion and philosopher Marcel Gauchet. She recently completed the translation of three plays for a Compendium of 19th-century French literature. Her translations from Romanian have been published in Cordite Poetry Review, The AALITRA Review and Bordertown. She holds a PhD in Translation Studies from Monash University.

3 Petre Ioan Crețu Translations by Cristina Savin

Heatwave my city painted in green and yellow, pale yellow stained with the red of the sun then the news bulletin the weather all filtered through my hazel eye in the glass screens and diodes breaking news we strolled together …

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3 Romanian Poets in Translation: Ana Dragu, Angi Melania Cristea and Laura Cozma

Donna Quijote by Viorica Ciucanu Ana Dragu: Nothing Would Be the Same | Nimic nu ar mai fi la fel Ana Dragu: Love | Dragostea Ana Dragu: Love No | Dragoste Nu Ana Dragu: Fever | Febră Ana Dragu: March …

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4 Translated Vasile Baghiu Poems

The following four poems have been selected from two volumes of poetry: Rătăcirile Doamnei Bovary [Madame Bovary’s Wanderings] and Cât de departe am mers [How Far We’ve Gone], published in 1996 and 2008 respectively.

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