6 Artworks by Anthea Y

Anthea Y | Article XII Autonomy Collier Nogues: Article XII: Autonomy This poem and artwork is part of the Hong Kong Now chapbook curated by Tammy Lai-Ming Ho.

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Lockdown Lookbook: Juicy Iso Couture from Radam Ridwan

Lockdown Lookbook began out of necessity, to create something during a period of stifled expression. Quickly, it transformed into an insatiable, look-hungry monster. On some days, outfits were put together to match moods. On others, it was simply to feed …

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7 Works by Eugenia Lim

Eugenia Lim | installation view of ON DEMAND | 2019 | Gertrude Glasshouse. Photo: Christo Crocker Nothing is neutral I came to art-making via writing (poetry, actually). Each idea, project and work always begins as words; words that I find …

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Brenton McKenna Has More than 14 Monsters

I’ve been illustrating a monster a day since the start of the school holidays here in Western Australia, the official COVID-19 lockdown date for Broome.

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11 Works by Julie Gough

Julie Gough | Manifestation (Bruny Island) 2010 | Giclee print on Hahnemuhle photo rag paper, ed: 10 | Image 400 x 600 mm (paper 600 x 800 mm) Since 1994, Julie Gough has exhibited in more than 130 exhibitions that include: …

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10 Works by Justine Youssef

‘Under the table I learnt how to feed you’ documents the women in my family as they arrogate space through dance and the smoking of arghile in the courtyard of a Lebanese bakery in Southwest Sydney.

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12 Works by Nicci Haynes

The work is not really about distress, it’s the look you get when you put your head in the photocopier.

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10 Works by Richard Bell

For Alan 2018, acrylic on canvas, 180 x 240 cm. Image courtesy the artist and Milani Gallery, Brisbane.

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12 Panels by Chris Gooch

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4 Works by Guled Abdulwasi

‘Form Work’ explores architectural forms, lines and shapes that are depicted in architectural drafting.

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Jackie Ryan: Teaser to Burger Force 3

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Dispatch from the Future Fish

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