Marion May Campbell

Marion May Campbell’s recent works include the poetry collections languish (Upswell 2022) and third body (Whitmore Press 2018), and the memoir of her father The Man on the Mantelpiece (UWAP 2018) She lives in Drouin, on unceded GunaiKurnai land.

Marion May Campbell Reviews Rose Hunter and Nellie Le Beau

Both these strikingly strong recent poetry publications Body Shell Girl and Inheritance, from Australian poets of feminist inflection, deal at least in part with North American and Canadian experience. While Rose Hunter navigates with a highly effective, raw, and unsentimental diction her often traumatising experience as a sex worker in Toronto and Vancouver, Nellie Le Beau practises an innovative and, at times, a more radically challengingly poetics to send reader perception veering into uncanny encounters with our places in space-time.

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deScription: Improvisations on the Mid-career Drawings and Paintings of Nola Farman

I. The Limits of Imagination The Limits of Imagination, 1971, 15 x 21cms, ink on paper I hear old Poseidon walks on the water like his feet are backwards fish. I’ve always had this affinity, he boasts in the trumpet …

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‘Permission to write’: Emilie Collyer Interviews Marion May Campbell

I am nervous before our interview. Deciding what to wear, what kind of impression I will make. The day I drive to Drouin, Victoria, it is raining.

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Shipwrecks in Modern European Painting and Poetry: Radical Mobilisation of the Motif as Political Protest

Shipwreck is also the synecdoche of all that shadows imperial expansion – navigational misadventure, piracy, cyclonic assault – tracking like sharks on the blood trail imperialism’s would-be glamorous advance.

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Marion May Campbell Launches Tracy Ryan’s Hoard

Tracy Ryan, whose new and eighth full-length poetry collection we’re celebrating, Hoard is also a four-time novelist (Vamp, Jazz Tango, Sweet, Claustrophobia), a memoirist and translator. Her work has been acclaimed in multiple commendations and short-listings and has received the …

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