Nellie Le Beau

Marion May Campbell Reviews Rose Hunter and Nellie Le Beau

Both these strikingly strong recent poetry publications Body Shell Girl and Inheritance, from Australian poets of feminist inflection, deal at least in part with North American and Canadian experience. While Rose Hunter navigates with a highly effective, raw, and unsentimental diction her often traumatising experience as a sex worker in Toronto and Vancouver, Nellie Le Beau practises an innovative and, at times, a more radically challengingly poetics to send reader perception veering into uncanny encounters with our places in space-time.

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Sound Returns to the Whale

avoid the amulet, the well meaning songs of the hunter, I am not meant for the dart, the tracking satellite. I go down human wake up whale, I stay human, you become whale, your long eyes blinking back the sea, …

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On the Level

Underground Suppose your Grandfather, metis in Trois Rivieres, when a man comes up from Providence saying: you can come down there‚Äôs work in the velvet factory: food and pay. Bring your boy. It’s better than the Jeffrey mine This is …

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