Poetry Editorial: Jan Owen

Essays: Silénzio / Scienza: Registering 5 in Joan Retallack’s Errata 5uite by Andrew Carruthers, A Writing Surface of One's Own by Meredith Wattison and Reasons for Silence by Adam Rivett

Artworks: Celestial Measures in Ferrotype by Fiona Annis

Concrete Sequence: APPEAL IN AIR by Philip Davenport

Translations: Nguyễn Tiên Hoàng translates Gig Ryan into Vietnamese and Phan Nhien Hao into English

Scholarly: Black Stone Poetry: Vanuatu’s Grace Mera Molisa by Selina Tusitala Marsh

New Reviews: Nicholas Birns Reviews Contemporary Russian Poetry: An Anthology, Andrew Fuhrmann Reviews Bruce Dawe's Plays in Verse: Kevin Almighty and Blind Spots, and Nicholas Jose Reviews Speaking the Earth’s Languages: A Theory for Australian-Chilean Postcolonial Poetics

New Pumpkins: Kirrily Schell adapts 'The Spider in the Kitchen' by Andrew Sant and Pat Grant adapts 'Vibrations' by Fiona Wright

And a sequence of 52 new poems selected by Jan Owen:

Diary Poem: Uses of Silence
by Jennifer Maiden
by Marvin Bell
from: Zoo Birds
by Diane Fahey
by Robert Minhinnick
by Joanne Burns
Silence: An Anatomy
by Alex Skovron
Listening for Charlie
by Barry Wallenstein
Travelogue through Time
by Shari Kocher
The Navel of the World
by Shari Kocher
The Snow
by Michael Farrell
New Glass
by Sue Wicks
Writing: Silence ::
by Paul Kane
Hafiz: Ghazal 75
by Paul Kane
by Todd Swift
by Todd Swift
The Pool
by Debbie Lim
The Torpey Spoon
by Vanessa Page
Alone in the Woods
by Hannah Mettner
Inside Quietness (Söderlund)
by Mran-Maree Laing
trees are about you
by Shevaun Cooley
A Silence
by Geoff Page
Essentially Human
by Bev Braune
Eurydice Speaks
by Caitlin Maling
Swan Song
by Lynne Potts
Nagasaki Rain
by John Upton
A Cup of Tea
by Paul South
by David Hathwell
Pain Management 1 & 2
by Lesley Carnus
by Heather Taylor-Johnson
Termites in Spring
by Kyle Kohinga
The Art of Fugue
by Helen Parsons
by Barnaby Smith
Sinking into Silence
by Lorraine Caputo
for Sherman
by Steve Halle
Carte Blanche
by Thom Sullivan
Homo Suburbiensis
by Thom Sullivan
Penal Colony No.14.
by Gary Allen
by Paul Summers


Released: 1 February 2014