Snow from Hakuba to Nagoya

By | 1 February 2014

Each house, each fence, bough, post & letter box
has its chapeau or topiary of snow,

a cap, a stack whose mosaic interlocks
until it’s doffed.

Icing sugar, talc-like powder, linen perfect, doona-esque,
foot-hold test, temple finial, gravestone grace note; snow.

Tree pillow, roof fondant, template for tracks,
acoustic trap, bringer out of burlap,

under-foot squeak, eave dropper, candidate for the corduroy rake,
light amplifier, sight stealer, world white-washer,

detail obliterator, hoar frost generator, slope groomer,
light’s diffuse deflector to all white, reflective extender of the last light.

Scenic smoother, road block, ground falsifier, pond slurry-er,
airborne sip, persimmon decorator, graphic illustrator,

lane hobo, mono-chromaticist, bough breaker,
ice-maker, false delineator, ditch obfuscator.

Wind-drift traveller, car roof hitcher, beard starch
and hair stiffener, boot clog and glove coagulant.

Cabbage coat, leek mattress, cold store,
shovel chore, wonder maker, gumboot infiltrator.

Toboggan-izer, foot freezer, cable garland,
ghost maker, cloud sown once-and-will-be water,

road greaser, sound cease-er, shrub shroud,
storm maker, fractal faction, self-assembler,

fine flurry-ist, architect of avalanche, blizzard grist,
yuki, neve, neige, nieve, schnee, snow.

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