Edited by Kent MacCarter. This issue presents ten comics/graphic novelists' adaptations of poems. The points of the exercise are a bit of fun and to explore the quasi-transmedia intersection of the literal and the visual, and how the latter might interpret the former.

The Line-up:
Bruce Mutard adapts 'Microaviary' by A. Frances Johnson
Queenie Chan adapts 'The Rooster' by Omar Musa
Marijka Gooding adapts 'TV' by Michael Farrell
Gregory Mackay adapts 'The Moon Is Not Talking to Us' by Adam Ford
Mandy Ord adapts 'Suburban Archaeology' by Anna Krien
Frank Candiloro adapts 'Where are the dark woods?' by Alison Croggon
Mirranda Burton adapts 'His Quarter' by Kevin Pearson
Bernard Caleo adapts 'A Jesus Kind of Joy' by Jack Hibberd
Kirrily Schell adapts 'The Spider in the Kitchen' by Andrew Sant
Pat Grant adapts 'Vibrations' by Fiona Wright

... or you can read what we've got so far in scattershot order below:

But this is only half the story! There are a number more comics, poets, graphic novelists and academics interested in this space. Will there be an expanded print edition to this issue? Huh? Well, WILL THERE?! Hold on to your interrobang caps, let's see what happens.

This one's for Lewis Allan Reed, first a poet, with Delmore Schwartz in Syracuse.
by Michael Farrell
The Old Rooster
by Omar Musa
Suburban Archaeology
by Anna Krien
A Jesus Kind of Joy
by Jack Hibberd
by A. Frances Johnson
TV (after Michael Farrell)
by Marijka Gooding
Where are the dark woods?
by Alison Croggon
His Quarter
by Kevin Pearson
by Fiona Wright


Released: 28 October 2013