The Moon is Not Talking to Us

By | 28 October 2013

The Moon is not talking to us.
That light is light that the Sun
shines on the Moon. We are simply
eavesdropping. Moonlight is an echo,

a reflection. It is pre-loved light.
Nothing that comes from the Moon
is intended for us. None of it is a gift,
not its light, not the tides, not the subtle

distortion of our path through space,
not the stolen moon rocks under glass.
We have left our footprints, our flags
and our memorials on its surface, woven it

into our myths, nostalgia and arguments.
We have populated it in stories, given it
a face, taken its photo, christened its craters,
but everything that comes from the Moon

is what we take or what we intercept.
The only light that is truly ours is the
light that hits us directly, the sunlight that
we absorb and reflect back into space,

light that the Moon overhears
when the Sun is talking to us.

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