Adam Ford

Adam Ford is the author of The Third Fruit is a Bird (Picaro Press, 2008) and Not Quite the Man for the Job (Allen & Unwin, 1998), the novel Man Bites Dog (Allen & Unwin, 2002) and the short story collection Heroes and Civilians.

Adam Ford Reviews Rae White’s Milk Teeth and Anders Villani’s Aril Wire

Poetry debuts are not necessarily juvenilia. The vagaries of poetry publishing mean that by the time a poet’s first collection is published they often are, at least by some standards, emerging fully formed, able and ready to demonstrate their skill to a willing audience.

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I’m Worried That My Increasingly Complex Shower Masturbation Routine is Unethical Because of The Amount of Water I Use

I use thirst as a guide to how much to drink. You absorb more toxins breathing in a hot shower than you do by drinking tap water all day. Evening seems fine. Nothing else has changed. I’m good now. The …

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The Moon is Not Talking to Us

The Moon is not talking to us. That light is light that the Sun shines on the Moon. We are simply eavesdropping. Moonlight is an echo, a reflection. It is pre-loved light. Nothing that comes from the Moon is intended …

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Adam Ford Reviews Thirty Australian Poets

Thirty Australian PoetsThirty Australian Poets (University of Queensland Press, 2011)

Thirty Australian Poets is a new anthology out of UQP that focuses on the work of poets born after 1968. It’s an intriguing conceit that invites comparison with the work of the Generation of ’68 without actually issuing a challenge per se, but at least prompting a ‘look where we are now’ conversation. Since this constraint naturally excludes both poets who make up Australia’s vibrant live poetry scene (who tend not to be as widely published on the page) and also talented poets whose work may not have yet been collected, the poetry on offer does tend toward the formal.”

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Adam Ford Reviews Fiona Wright

Knuckled by Fiona Wright Giramondo Publishing, 2011 Knuckled is the debut collection from Fiona Wright, and can I just start by saying that ‘knuckled’ is a great title for a book of poems? It’s a word that’s easy to understand, …

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Mea Culpa

In the morning all that’s left is a clutch of feathers by the watertank, another by the front gate and one more on the verge. The door of the chookshed stands open, the lock unfixed for more than six months, …

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Adam Ford reviews Joel Deane

Magisterium by Joel Deane Australian Scholarly Publishing, 2008 Magisterium is the second collection by Joel Deane, following on from his debut collection Subterranean Radio Songs and his debut novel Another. In an interview with Paul Mitchell published in Cordite in …

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Adam Ford Reviews Alan Wearne

The Australian Popular Songbook by Alan Wearne Giramondo Publishing, 2008 It seems to me that a poem should – in general – be a self-contained unit, either easily understood or a puzzle that contains the key to its solution. I'm …

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Adam Ford reviews Michael Farrell

Break Me Ouch by Michael Farrell 3deep Publishing, 2006 I've been puzzled by Michael Farrell's poetry for a long time. Sometimes I think I get it; but his writing is mercurial, and for every one of his poems that I've …

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Are You Searching For Me?

I've played about with rule-generated writing once in a while, trying to find something within the genre that resonates with me. Early last year I combined a section of text taken from a dinosaur book with the track-listing from Frank Zappa's Strictly Commercial and ended up with a prose-poem called “The Third Fruit is a Bird” that I'm really happy with.

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"i have seen the fish"

fish-based depression drug seen on market – have you seen this fish? to enter click here. sepa noswa esw wosw. have you seen this fish? email us! email us! i have seen whole schools of flying fish become airborne as …

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Super Gas Power Attack

you may designate which power binary will use regardless of what base you attack. you may use either or both of your powers. there are dozens of power-ups that make it into the gas guns. use them to discover methane …

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First Incision

BIO: Adam Ford is the author of a novel called Man Bites Dog, a collection of poems called Not Quite the Man for the Job, a zine called Jutchy Ya Ya and at least one comic called The Lives and Times of Jerry the Nerky Lizard. He also edits Going Down Swinging. Today he made a cartoon of a bouncing ball and it excited him so. Visit his homepage.

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Adam Ford reviews Dog Lovers’ Poems

I can confidently say without recourse to undue hyperbole that this is by far the worst collection of poorly-written, badly-spelled poetry I have ever had the misfortune to encounter.

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Adam Ford: Damn & Be Published (Part 2)

I Fall in Love with a Beautiful Newcomer … by Susan Fereday The Still Company by The Still Company Excerpts from Teach Yourself Atomic Physics by Phil Norton Beware the Balsa Chair (number one) by Ebony Truscott Humans, Animals & …

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Adam Ford: Damn & Be Published (Part 1)

Correct by Eric Yoshinko Dando Idiot Savant by Warwick Dunbar Humble Pi by Pi O Mang and the New Reality by Paul White East Village Inky by Ayun Halliday When I go to second-hand bookstores and look through the poetry …

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A Rare Talent

The ability to recognise samples, to pinpoint the source of a sound the slides from left to right speaker under the drum track, under the bass, weaving between the snare and the hi-hat and is gone in an instant, the …

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