I’m Worried That My Increasingly Complex Shower Masturbation Routine is Unethical Because of The Amount of Water I Use

By | 1 February 2017

I use thirst as a guide to how much to drink.
You absorb more toxins breathing in a hot shower
than you do by drinking tap water all day.

Evening seems fine.
Nothing else has changed.
I’m good now.

The needs of detainees are complex.
From bedroom to bedroom an
increased amount of graffiti.

I’m worried that this is all because I
can’t make the break from what I know.

I’m having trouble at work with judgements
of my ability and trustworthiness
or being assertive enough to say
this isn’t where I choose to go.

I’m wary about people visiting.

I try to avoid thinking about the
permeable membrane between
TV and the internet.

When you blame the problems
on porn, you’re telling yourself,
“Porn has me in a headlock.”

Complex pieces of assistive technology include
complex computerised communication devices.

Positive relationships don’t just happen.

I’m blessed because my Dad and Mum are
alive to help each other along the way.
I fill in the blanks, but that’s
how we get things done.

I agree it would be better for boys
to make their own decisions later.

Personally, I don’t care
if you do cartwheels
naked in the shower
so long as you aren’t
impeding my routine.

I wouldn’t mind being naked next to a guy
in a shower or sauna or whatever because
I’m comfortable with my body.

Using Rhesus monkeys with artificial hearts
I turned traditional presumptions about
sex and marriage on their head.

So that’s why I’m going in again.

Can I find love if I’m depressed?
I’m in my 40s and people my age don’t
compare to the 23-year-old I married.

I long got tired of all this mess.
I don’t want to be part of this.

I have so much more confidence.
I’m really happy with my results.

My life has meaning because I’m still
here and all the possibilities I have.

I’m increasingly aware that
my time is being well spent.

I advance my privacy settings.
I get involved. I develop.
I spread. I give feedback.

A substance appears coloured
because it absorbs light.

I’m probably not much different than most people.

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