Artwork by Michael Lee

SINGAPORE Editorial: Joshua Ip and Alvin Pang

8 Artworks by Michael Lee

And 37 new poems selected by Alvin Pang and Joshua Ip:

26-second ad for canned cat food | 猫咪罐头二十秒广告
by in tea and cigarettes and Shelly Bryant
Death of a Refrigerator | 冰箱之死
by 陈华彪 (Wah Pheow) and Valen Lim
Presumptuous Modernity | 诗组:自以为是的现代
by 黄文杰 (Wang Mun Kiat) and Daryl Lim Wei Jie
This City | 这城市
by 梁钺 (Neo Choon Hong) and Grace Chia
Bus 67 | Bas 67
by Isa Kamari and Amanda Chong
Drivers | Jenti Lebah Kareta
by Patricia Maria de Souza
Rhythm of Work | 上班下班
by 周粲 (Zhou Can) and Tan Xiang Yeow
fallout: new shenton | Shenton Way
by Ahmad Md Tahir and Qamar Firdaus Saini
Untitled Poem #2
by Gopika Jadeja
lamunan | Sekati Tamban, Secekak Bayam Dalam Bakul Rotan
by Hartinah Ahmad and Qamar Firdaus Saini
by Sithuraj Ponraj and Ruth Tang
Song of Tebrau | Senandung Tebrau
by Juffri Supa'at and Hidhir Razak
Memory | স্মৃতি
by SM Sumon and Wahid Al Mamun
Bukit Panjang
by Noorhaqmal Mohamed Noor and Charlene Shepherdson
Lily | လီလီ
by Eaindra and Maung Day
Untitled Poem #1
by Gopika Jadeja
POME/struck | Tulala
by Becker Beckerbone and Marylyn Tan
as citizen, i pledge | Singapore
by Belen Rapada Esposo and Pamela Seong Koon
As Long As One Tree Lives On | 只要还有一颗树活着
by 蔡深江 (Chua Chim Kang) and Daryl Lim Wei Jie
Sea Fire | Memanggang Laut
by Slyvia Kin and Stephanie Dogfoot
Soil of Purpose | மண் பயனுற
by Raju Ramesh and Anurak Saelaow
Dust | Debu-Debu
by Wan Jumaiah Bte Mohd Jubri and Charlene Shepherdson
Amnesia | 失忆症
by 梁皓 (Wern Fook Liang) and Shelly Bryant
Left | 左边
by 贺尔 (Seow Joo Chuan) and Faith Christine
My House | Rumahku
by Eli Nur Fadilah and Hao Guang Tse
A Mother Is a Poet | Ibu Adalah Seorang Penyair
by Art Fazil and Crispin Rodrigues
Heart | হৃদয়
by Nurul Alam NA and Pamela Seong Koon


Released: 31 October 2020