as citizen, i pledge | Singapore

By and | 31 October 2020

my apathy. bless picnics that replace tupperware
and rattan mats with glassware and grapes.

bless walking around town, not to be seen
as liability. bless the chance to afford ride-hailing
when i do not need to.

bless my unbroken, nuclei family. that my worries
only involve self-improvement.

bless strangers, visibly relieved, when i say i am
majority. bless service staff who tense when
they see my partner
and relax when i hold his hand.

bless the boy who said i would be prettier if fairer.
at least there was consideration?

bless the privilege to skip cleaning house
because i was tired. how i need not think
about when i get to rest.

bless not being the target of disgust,
to be given the chance to oppose,
to protect our friends in this country
who need protection from us.

to protect their love for a place
that does not deserve them.
mine, unmatched.

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