Image by Duncan Hose | Graffiti | St. Mark's Episcopal Chapel by Peter Stuyvesant | 1795 | 288 East 10th Street, New York City

Cordite 41.1 Special Issue: Ratbaggery Editorial by Duncan Hose

"Like all designations of high hermeneutic mystery, the phrase ‘Ratbag Poetry’ requires a personal archaeology. I needed to know what a Ratbag Poem could be – poems that are vituperative, poems that are a nuisance. I call upon Byron’s distaste for Keats’ propensity for frigging with his imagination, which seems to us a virtue, and counts as a measure of the bile produced when a Ratbag is, in their turn, Ratbagged. It is partly the wickedness of your type and partly the quality of your infection; the spleen is actually the Romantic organ."

Essays: Notes on Ratbaggery by DJ Huppatz, A Poetics of the Naughty by Tom Lee and Ratbag's Polemic by Astrid Lorange

Ekphrasis: Small to Medium Enterprise by Garry Pumfrey and Ross Gibson

"Drive a thousand miles at breakneck, at least until your nerve folds. Act like there’s a bullet in a soft cyst and its floating near your spleen. Sketch a heat-map of the gone souls. Call it 'empty'. Call it 'open'?"

Film: Film of Sound by Hazel Smith, Will Luers and Roger Dean

"A sleeping man, an evening in a hotel room, and a journey across vast and challenging spaces. But the incipient narrative constantly breaks down into disordered memories of violence and repression, undefined threats, splintered subjectivities, glitches and raw data."

Review: Kate Lilley's Ladylike


Depot of Pain
by Corey Wakeling
Kneeling Narcissus
by Lucy Holt
by Maurice McNamara
by Joanne Burns
by Kevin Higgins
The Art of Poetry
by Laurie Duggan
Mick Smith
by Eric Yoshiaki Dando
T Totalled
by Shane Rhodes
searching for dancefloor
by Ella O'Keefe
by Caitlynn Cummings
by Keri Glastonbury
We Ricky Ponting Concede
by Nick Whittock
by Julie Chevalier
All Writing Is Pigshit
by Ania Walwicz
Due Fault
by Edric Mesmer
Rise and Shine
by Cameron Lowe
by Michael Farrell
Jivin’ with Bonny Cassidy etc.
by Jessica L Wilkinson
What it Says About You
by Kevin Higgins
short history of spag bol
by Maurice McNamara
Fat Like Michael Jackson
by Eric Yoshiaki Dando
Life on Mars
by Laurie Duggan
by Shane Rhodes
Basic Hut Methodology
by Ella O'Keefe
High Yet Old
by Sam Langer


Released: 1 April 2013
Cover image courtesy of Duncan Hose