Jivin’ with Bonny Cassidy etc.

By | 28 February 2013

never the same
night—never the same
light in the feet
dark devil in the heel

the dress got wet—
i cut it off—i lost
control—rolled off the bed

the fault was all stylus—
how it beat the rhythm out
the groove—flicked
the heel
‘cross the boards of the J.C. Hotel—
shaking, grinding
skip, kick & flack

specifics track the mental map
of a night well spent—
… dot is the line that solves two points
heel to heel

play it loud, louder again

the dress got wet—
i cut it off
i lost
the drink sunk in—
i swigged the heat
drew out the sweat
slips down the arcing spine—
shredded moments in a salt-licked

viscous liquids all shook up
in the dense light of a dusky pub—
the buddy system—lava lamp
that won’t dissolve

louder, louder still

the dress got wet—
i cut it off
i los t control—

mischief can’t control her hands—
i stole the gin—
four fingers
down their throats—
and one was mine
and it was cut

(signals to the floor—
a point
bodies in a field—free-spinning dandelion drift
matching feet
bonny lass,
bonny class
bonny stylus groove
|| :
the dress got wet—
i cut it o ff
i lo st cont
: ||
fell off the bed

and bonny laughing out the window
says “come on let’s go—

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