Jessica L Wilkinson

Jessica L Wilkinson is the author of three poetic biographies - Marionette: A Biography of Miss Marion Davies (2012), Suite for Percy Grainger (2014) and Music Made Visible: A Biography of George Balanchine (2019) all published by Vagabond Press. In 2016, she co-edited Contemporary Australian Feminist Poetry (Hunter Publishers). She teaches Creative Writing at RMIT University.

‘Beware! This is not a real biography!’: Ali Alizadeh Interviews Jessica L Wilkinson

To many, biographies are a generic section in a bookshop which showcase – as this interview will discuss – a supposed element of ‘truth’. Suggestions of worthiness through platitudes such as ‘based on a true story’ or a ‘definitive biography …

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Critic: Tell me, Mr. Balanchine, where did you ever see Apollo on his knees? Balanchine: Tell me, Mr. So and so, where did you ever see Apollo? I. Prologue All good art begins with a weird birth unseen, or seen …

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Jessica Wilkinson Reviews Geoff Page

Geoff Page is a well-known figure in the Australian poetry scene: a prolific writer with over twenty books to his name and an established editor (recently of the 2014 and 2015 Best Australian Poems), yet perhaps known most widely as a reviewer. A regular feather-ruffler, Page’s reviews frequently appear in prominent publications such as the Age and the Australian. Page’s trust in, and loyalty to conventional verse forms is no secret; he often takes aim at more experimental or avant-garde Australian works, as if such attempts to broaden the field of Australian poetics are to be regarded with some suspicion.

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Jessica Wilkinson Interviews Anna Jackson

New Zealand poet and academic Anna Jackson’s presence easily fills a large room. At the Verse Biography: Truth or Beauty? conference in Wellington last November (of which Jackson was one of the three organisers), her enthusiasm for lively poetic discussion and debate is clear – abundant questions and wild tangents exhibit a mind tumbling with ideas bursting to be explored.

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Mr. B’s Women

“Just between us, she could have been great” – George Balanchine I was a little boy with his eye in the keyhole, training: Vaganova, Karsavina, Gerdt pas de trois pink ribbon battement each one a different measure of sound unraveling …

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Review Short: Luke Beesley’s New Works on Paper

New Works on PaperI’ve been meaning to write this review for a year – in fact, there’s a wine stain on my copy and I can pinpoint the exact date that I first put it on my to-do list (i.e. engaged in other work → frustration → tipped glass). Despite all of my sideways swerving, a year is a good amount of time to let Beesley’s recurring bees swirl around the head; a year helps one to figure out their tune. Or, as the poet writes, ‘It’s not about bees. There are no bees.’ Have I tipped the wine glass again?

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1961: lightly scored in three parts

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Audio of ‘Nonfiction Poetry: Performing the Real’

This panel from the NonfictioNow Conference 2012 – at RMIT University and in partnership with Iowa University and Barbara Bedell, the Copyright Agency Limited, the Wheeler Centre and ABC Radio National – explores and discusses the potential of ‘nonfiction poetry’ …

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Jivin’ with Bonny Cassidy etc.

never the same night—never the same light in the feet dark devil in the heel the dress got wet— i cut it off—i lost control—rolled off the bed // the fault was all stylus— how it beat the rhythm out …

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Jessica Wilkinson Reviews Lisa Jacobson

Lisa JacobsonThe verse novel is a peculiar organism: descended from the sweeping epics that chronicled the birth of nations and the misadventures of wayward heroes, we can still find characters struggling on their ‘grand’ journey – likely to be a personal, emotional and/or psychological journey – with the occasional battle scene (though, this is more likely to take place on a much smaller, personal level). As a distinctly modern form, there is certainly much less aggrandisement of the natural world via mythical and magical hyperbole in the verse novel.

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Arrangement of Manteia y marionette

In this performance excerpt, recorded live at Montsalvat on November 8 2012, Jessica L. Wilkinson teams up with composer Simon Charles and ensemble Manteia to articulate the threads of marionette’s broken narrative while preserving its ever-elusive quality. Poetry: Jessica L. …

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[a declaration in progress] FOR TOO LONG has poetry been disregarded as a valid vehicle for the exploration of real world experience. Too often has poetry been filed in the ‘too hard’ basket and deemed ‘irrelevant’ and ‘inaccessible.’ This declaration …

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