Rae Armantrout


It took us just sixty years to slurp up the Ogallala aquifer. Poets keep asking, “What if poetry won’t save us?” It’s fun to say ”Whaat??” I taught my granddaughter, Renee. Now she’s ready for first grade. But, seriously, we …

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‘Beware! This is not a real biography!’: Ali Alizadeh Interviews Jessica L Wilkinson

To many, biographies are a generic section in a bookshop which showcase – as this interview will discuss – a supposed element of ‘truth’. Suggestions of worthiness through platitudes such as ‘based on a true story’ or a ‘definitive biography …

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Heaven, if it exists, is when there is no difference between watching and being watched. * “Show-off!” * Then quark and anti-quark auto-correct and I get “glaze-hog” for my inner Santa

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