Poetry Editorial: Libby Hart
Essays: John Mateer on Nativism and Juan Garrido-Salgado on exile
Interviews: Oscar Schwartz drinks with Del Ray Cross and Graham Nunn records angela rawlings
Features: Geoff Page on jazz poetry, Stuart Cooke curates a chapbook of contemporary Filipino poetry and Chris Funkhouser & Sonny Rae Tempest machine translate this issue's cover image
Featured Artists: Melanie Scaife and James Bonnici
Translations: Luke Fischer and Lutz Näfelt revisit Rilke, Jacques Rancourt translates Alex Skovron and Lionel Fogarty and Juan Garrido-Salgado have a bilingual conversation with poems
Recordings: Chris Mann uncorks, Annea Lockwood spooks and Stu Hatton chimes

And a sequence of 55 new poems selected by Libby Hart:

by Stu Hatton
The Auction
by Bruce Dawe
The Altercation but
by Helen Lambert
War on the Home Front
by Ken Smeaton
The Geography Lesson
by Bev Braune
by Chris Wallace-Crabbe
by Amanda Anastasi
South Rim
by Kate Middleton
by Heather Taylor-Johnson
Mother Tongues
by Tracy Ryan
by Jo Langdon
lost in translation
by Meredi Ortega
Moose Drift
by Salvatore Difalco
Another Story
by Ben Walter
by Philip Neilsen
Hank’s House
by Mark O'Flynn
Choreographed Calabash
by Lynne Potts
Orchard Sour
by Michelle Allan
All Things
by Lisa Jacobson
The Conversation (Risen)
by Andy Jackson & Paul Mitchell
by Jennifer Liston
A Line in the Sand
by David Adès
Not the End
by Emilie Collyer
An Open Door
by Kristin Hannaford
by Heather Davidson
Dr Ko Explains Sky Burial
by Anne M Carson
Your Silent Partner
by John Grey
What Will We Inherit?
by Rachael Mead
Moon Landing
by David Kelly
A Word
by Eleanor Lamb
My Singing Empty Hands
by Shari Kocher
After Janus
by Carly-Jay Metcalfe
The Hauntings
by Jessica Raschke
by Justin Lowe
This Smile
by Josephine Clarke
Postcard from Oulu
by Broede Carmody
the kings of sorrow
by Paul Summers
Shakespeare’s Interrobang
by Nick D’Annunzio Jones


Released: 1 November 2012
Cover images: James Bonnici | Pauly Triptych 1-3, 2012 | Courtesy of the artist