A Burning Confession/Declaration/Exclamation

By | 1 November 2012

Angels can’t save me. I knifed Eulas it’s true.
But before they string that noose
Can’t I tell my side of the tale?
Dogwood Avenue, four in the morning.
Eulas said he won’t go.
Fatboy Bobby said, No. Uh-uh.
Git yer punk ass down those steps you
But Eulas won’t budge like a mule.
Is it so wrong then, what I done?
Jersey cops don’t give no peace –
Knuckles to the back of the neck, no respect,
Let me be, let me be.
More I think on it, more I gotta say
No. You know I don’t know why when they
Opened the door Eulas fell in the snow.
Po’ bastard bleedin and howlin,
Quotin his big daddy reverend.
Rapscallion don’t fool me.
Sundays baptizin at the lake,
Takin sips of Tanqueray on the slick.
Underneath proclamations, a thunderous slur.
Vanquish your demons, he say,
Which is what I done, what I’m doin,
X my heart and hope to cross that final river. I know
You won’t take me in heaven – Mister
Zilch, that’s me – but don’t take him neither.

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