'Microtonal Wall' image courtesy of Tristan Perich

Poetry Editorial: Corey Wakeling

Essays: Against Colony Collapse Disorder; or, Settler Mess in the Cells of Contemporary Australian Poetry by Ann Vickery and What We (non)Believe: Reading Poems by Charles Wright, John Burnside, and Kevin Hart by Lachlan Brown

Artwork: 1-bit Signals: Computation as Music and Visual Art by Tristan Perich. Includes: Machine Drawings, Between the Silences (for 9 strings and 9-channel 1-bit electronics) and more.

Poetry Objects: Excerpts from Graphic Novella by Rachel Blau DuPlessis and James Faulkner's Disintegraton Machine by Nick Whittock

Scholarly: Comics Poetry: The Art of the Possible by Tamryn Bennett

Interview: Adam Aitken Interviews Martin Harrison (revised from 1998)

New Reviews: Paul Hetherington Reviews The Turnrow Anthology of Contemporary Australian Poetry, edited by John Kinsella and rob mclennan Reviews 70 Canadian Poets, Fifth Edition

Blog: Notes on her 'Gibson’s Folly (Tambo River)' by Louise Crisp

And a sequence of 53 new poems selected by Corey Wakeling:

Circular Quay
by John Wilkinson
Et in California Ego
by John Tranter
by Toby Fitch
A bar of soap
by Samuel Wagan Watson
237, The Overlook
by Bella Li
Post It
by Gig Ryan
Derrière monde
by Chris Edwards
by Joanne Burns
by Anupama Pilbrow
by Rose Hunter
by Marty Hiatt
by S J Fowler
Vowellings in Reverso
by Lucy Wilks
Futile Poem #157
by Alexia Derbas
direct translation 1 – Weltraum (Outerspace)
by Holly Friedlander Liddicoat
prison, must think in bronze
by Hyacinth Meredith
(Be)fore and Aft(er)
by Mitchell Welch
It Was an Escape
by Carmine Frascarelli
The Island of Love
by John Wilkinson
Reading Nietzsche at Twilight
by Anne-Marie Newton
by Maureen Alsop
Tastemaker Allowables
by Melinda Bufton
The Perversity of Shadows
by Scott Thouard
by Alice Savona
Wholly? Holey? Holy
by Daniel John Pilkington
by Joanne Burns
from Jerilderies
by Toby Fitch
Is This
by Lachlan Brown
Cosmic Primness
by Michael Farrell
Colosseums of the Future
by Jacob Edwards
Fifteen Façades
by Rose Hunter
What’s more
by Chris Edwards
Frames (part 6)
by John Luna
by Scherezade Siobhan
Machine Drawings
by Tristan Perich
Excerpts from Graphic Novella
by Rachel Blau DuPlessis


Released: 1 November 2014