A bar of soap

By | 1 November 2014

For Darren Currie …

Sometimes ANONYMITY is a fantastical doorway into the being of a writer; ANONYMITY is the passport of an unknown agent who knows no constraint to conduct acts of good and evil/ A signatory to the distraction that allows a writer the freedom to attack an unfinished sentence that has imprisoned them/ Wipe clean the restricted access to closure/ The bait of being ANONYMOUS entraps character/ ANONYMOUS is a universal stamp of someone who has the key to the locked riddles of continuity/ WHO are the dark shapes that found your lost wallet?/ WHO are the dark shapes who scratched your car and moulded alleyways with shadow?/ ANONYMITY has the capacity to grease the night with pure immunity of the senses/ To not assume that you know one person from a bar of soap than another is the vaccine of prejudice/ ANONYMOUSLY take a clean bar of soap and lather it into humanity…black and sterile of mystical but innocent, embryotic wonderment …

Watch the shadows dance,
when constrained in a vortex
diffusing magic …


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