Dust and Drag

By | 1 February 2016

*The American Express* Platinum Edge Credit Card application form makes for an ideal canvas to capture poetry. Section #1 Personal Details is easily followed by Section #2 Your Contact Details. But Section #3 Your Employment and Income Details, snags appear, rapids, a flow of consciousness broken and stuttering … Full-time/Part-time, Casual, Self-Employed, Retired, Student, Home duties, Unemployed, and nil a box, “Writer – All of the above” This is the end of a beautiful trail, nothing but dust and drag now, empty wallet, empty bottles and plenty of empty promises to myself that tomorrow is another day, a commission is due next week and the next writers festival is paying cash per diem …

‘If one can’t accurately define both
the velocities of particles at one time,
how can one predict what they will be
in the future …’
-Steven Hawking

Rich in this lifestyle; no end of doubt, no end of time, no end of chaos and no end of words that can be used over and over again, and dictionaries on the shelves full to no end of unwritten manuscripts and all the Dostoyevskis in unplanned cells of crime and punishment will continue to write inconceivable manuscripts on toilet paper smuggled to the New Yorker to no end. You’ll be lucky to even meet a pessimistic butterfly in their 24 hours of life, and how that butterfly would appreciate potential and solace in what seems the dust and drag of our own mortality.

When even in space
Light impatiently runs,
From means to an end …


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