Words such as Ordinary or Ordinate …

By | 1 November 2014

Words such as Ordinary or Ordinate to Begin and Clog/
Sieve Towards Construction Constraint

after Finnegans Wake

Prop boundary portal node
enfant incorrigible cohort
slather porous nascent inordinate

slouch for uncoordinated
haberdashery treacle irrelevance.
Pulchritudinous lovers mock

fuck on soldier whirr &
sales role boules prop-
ortionate wrestle only

rusted unsentimental illusory
vested participant shore direction
float pack pebble socket

arm pitch reference muscle.
Half pitch encyclopaedic
oration stand up

or pitch dark half after-
noon correlation psych
stitch up? Blue wick scar

hours tone dig three
section carpark
anecdote which, over

secretariat blunder, for
shibboleth coronary flake
shop newspaper

inarticulate, comes for
ache-ended titter
section aggregate sum up.

Parlour armour, ours
tourers, fox lick irregular nail
polish ordinate ocular stop.

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