Luke Beesley

Luke Beesley's fifth poetry collection, Aqua Spinach, will be published by Giramondo in August 2018.

A Hat

I had been walking for 10-15 mins without a hat. Inside the hat I was able and was able. Customer accounts. Phlegm of coat rack hardened around my shoulders. Amuck this gunky, silvery circumstance, I made a decision, or it, …

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Reunion Song

Every time she saw herself in the mirror, I remember, she pushed her chin forwards so as to stretch the skin of her neck. The crushed tram ticket in her throat produced the crumpled husky sound, itself. She had seen …

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Weather and Cinnamon: Late Changes in Major Poems by Barbara Guest

I grew up in Brisbane where the sticky weather of a summer day resembles something like a bell curve. Predictably cool in the early morning but the sun rapidly burns this away so that by 9am it’s already quite hot.

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Luke Beesley Reviews Christopher Kelen

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Words such as Ordinary or Ordinate …

Words such as Ordinary or Ordinate to Begin and Clog/ Sieve Towards Construction Constraint after Finnegans Wake Prop boundary portal node enfant incorrigible cohort slather porous nascent inordinate slouch for uncoordinated haberdashery treacle irrelevance. Pulchritudinous lovers mock fuck on soldier …

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The Master

after the 2013 film by Paul Thomas Anderson Cabbages & the sea Cabbages & the sea Cabbages & the seain PT The colour of cabbages & the sea in PT & the colour of cabbages & the sea & the …

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Unwelcome Lycra/Portrait of a Patron with a Straw, Loafer

cnr St Georges Rd & Scotchmer i. Half a metre from a calf, cycle – frightened & tanned, flexing opine occupy politics with a cracked bat – he seems to know everyone in the bakery. His argument (buttered, smoothed & …

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Tempat Tali | Timber Hitch

Tempat Tali Perempuan itu terlipat ke dalam sinar matahari dan aku putuskan untuk memanfaatkannya. Matahari, cahaya, merupakan pelajaran mengenai bangunan. Pelajaran atas sinar matahari yang mengena sekarung goni gandum gorden tertutup, menjadi. Aku memintanya mengisi air pada bak mandi dan …

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Sydney Office

Going to and leaving scuffed planets, she drove her nail across a cake of soap. Waves peeled off Bondi. Cafes continued in fine, hip disinterest. She scrubbed the table, then, and fell into hot traffic. It was a kind of …

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The Sign (표지판)

When I met you at the lights you were holding your bike and holding your brother and your anger. Your breath clawed the pedestrian. They you said and it was in your mouth, the word, like sourdough bread. They! You …

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This Is a Poem Without Mothers (이것은 어머니들이 없는 시다)

The alarm in the morning is made of rubber invents the day around it like a drum. Leonard Cohen. Um. The alarm in the morning is made of stones we unearthed near a horse. My father, smoking a cigar. The …

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Act. Cotton Malley: Short Story Hanoi II

His ear lit up like a daffodil He found four bees in his car It was a leap year. February rushed past like a formula one a twist of tomato in the alcohol

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