Sunday Best / Saturday Twelve

By | 1 November 2014

The cheese platter is getting me semi
hard, mould crowing, washed and trained

with morning black coffee to your door
without asking. Oh they contain the corner

of your comparison, wrangle chaos and look
outside! A bloody helicopter shining lights

and I’m trying to sleep and scared now
some freak! M seriously vomits, Germany’s

unleashed DB’s biggest challenge and what
it’s like to work with James Franco OK

world! Facciamolo! Quay for kebabs
and glamour.

It took me a while to catch the rhyming sequence
because it is such a video everyone needs

to see, speechless and fit, an open letter.
Her fans: the Red Cross and the Association:

offered workers for peace, thighs and Bali
screeches, and the femme, some femme

one for rose candy, actually held her
heroes more than Melbourne males

(any ethnicity) looking for Dragon. Our first
lobby in Timisoara, Holland and the North

Sea (last call); it rained and rained and
was beautiful.

4 am. Receive a cool t-shirt and a party
with fun but if you email. He’ll be putting in

an order, something floral for Sunday
kiss kiss to transform totally the

bridge via six hundred Mondays, a casual
quiz, a happy jig in the lit kitchen

spoons, thrills, and the end of Cons
cription. Ikea. It’s like they wrote it for

me. Goating at Paradise Cove in love in
Malibu! Happy! Dodgeball! Watermelon!

Contests! And wheat in Norfolk! Let’s call it
a glimmer.

We’re always being told the only limit is
the motion of light on water, philosophy

in New Zealand and female protagonists but
today one day only—thank you for coming—

we’re to be addressed before trust in priest
hood. Popcorn pilots (legendary (you should

check it out (the greatest ever made))) were
good news for convicts, and for tourism, the

cured Mississippi baby’s footprints pampered
distant galaxies 13.3 billion light years

400 million years or so after the bang (as
scientists would expect), daily objects, distant

objects, a lunar perigee. And Millie’s first

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