Colosseums of the Future

By | 1 November 2014

through time-lapse, rivers twist like worms to lure
a catch, procured up-tide of futures brooked
mouths open —look!— in lust-spawned fury, hooked
intent by crook of dawn to leap ashore
in writhing force, pursuing dusk’s endure
and swim no more, thus, cursèd, men forsook

one river watched them scrabble up its banks
dispersed in frantic, atavistic cull
from minuscule beginnings, mud-dripped, dull
to sift through sullied genes and thin their ranks
while proving blank the canvassed air, give thanks
where, trinkets dangled, pressed the living skulls

soon, buildings flanked the river, tall and proud
a mingled, crowded smother, curling true
behold! what views, we said, floor thirty-two
besotted, truant, leases forged in cloud
we sped, empowered, grand, selection cowed
through empty boundaries, swelled to ponds anew

its temples empty, still the river flows
no cult on show, just husks of worship spent
old condos, penthouse must, bare, stripped of rent
cast ghosts in bent despair through passing motion
fools’ tinctured, gold-dripped bloodlines, new-born oceans
man chortles faux where ripples blind are sent

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