Working in the Summering Senior Partner’s Office

By | 1 November 2014

Working in the summering senior partner’s office
on Pennsylvania Avenue
reminds me of the inferior debts of kitsch,
those sand-storm debts of Timbuktu
and the pickled herring jar where we matured that wish.

You don’t pay for saunas in DC in July,
or coffee if you’re a guest
I am reminded of the gratitude I must try
to show the founders, their parents
my parents, the schools, police, all in terms of why

Wherever he is, the summering senior partner,
there’s hills more sand than grass
judging by his photos he pays for saunas there
then dresses cheaply for his class,
while fish swim past his fishy-food he tramples beche-de-mer

will he know I was in this cell, working while he summered?
It’s true he slaves harder at
the desk than half of congress, not a single word
escapes him, unlike the judge of brats,
or the man who laid his pen down to get hammered.

Back at the summering senior partner’s office
on Pennsylvania Avenue
thinking on these inferior debts of artifice.
The random thefts I owe to you
the man who owns this office so I can have all this.

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