madam, i’m adam: noah’s nose knows no gnosis: physis machine: …

By | 1 November 2014

madam, i’m adam: noah’s nose knows no gnosis: physis machine: i, cassandra: romano umano: ++: (black out): ares & aphrodite: renaissance: cc: evo-revo: wah wah wah: clones, drones, loans & moans: the drowned world

Trace nit up yap at start,
            angst, ablative. Oh, palp up! Not Adam n Eve. Shame. He mad. Nude. He made rag as garb. Eviction now, eh?! Paradise Lost is brood, breed. Non, Abel, do not murder! Start reversed, I as rêve.
            Civil war, lead ax, ammo tall, a ton. Shat actor live on dewy milk, cast a butt aft, open on a void evolver hose. It raps, sips. Sim I, ode ruse. Zoom saps new ruin. Fie Sir, pug nod, guts know. Tender tug broke EP spool. Park rims swallow anus. Emo R&D, I lap a poopsi. Bog bursting as bags, exasperating as Paliperidone. I spat pit? No, ‘tis an array to revile id. Pee boom at nadir warms butt, oh!
            Top tiff — I spit on loot, a nab insatiable.
            Tram-rats’ tat-inditing Napoleon wept as live grubs died amidst rides. Ah, pap! Nose snuff saw, eh? Die ma semes putrid. So read piss atop a rot nip pit.
            God spat in a cad till its wall lit up.
            Martyr track cast octopod wall, lay as odd as ossature in Eden as a trap-door snaps nips ages apart. Egalitarian anabasis spills Estaban loot on buttock. Culpable on a nab, no six-pack cock can keep mutation turning. Ah!
            Hone dead bastard tell. I ok risk. Call aid’em timer DIAS now. Spot saw red rum. Fi, sac rot, narrative room ahoy!
            9691 bat see cares,
            REM miracles ram revolt rare.
            Sate caffé on exhausted arm. Set a tip: LA? Peru? Tan on tit. A is a rue. Pale Mal, Fat Sam say rots level at last. Oh!
            Madam Armagnac, tapping ass hoe, no smirk, cul top, leer dell, I who middle hold. Lots to crap on.
            Strafe strait. Rap as loot.
Note sluggard nepotism arc, scraping raw God’s sum.
El go to of/for ETA: eat, meet, saw, die. It was.
I won’t sin. Omen: Myra, us. Soy sore so. He dud.
Pure pussied urn at tip. Pulse it live, meet, see big wang grow obstinate flap.
Spivs report radical iota. To hommage tons draw a bon-bon. Eton on hose. It tit trips, eh? Tote pip. Suppose I ram Mam? Cite, die!
Erythema, I burn, aware of dark cankers’ bulbs’ nips.
            Slink cop, erotic as wall ain’t, rat as dwelling awl. Eek!
            Luna mod sac. Combinatorial spaces.
            Ah prefer not to     [TRON’S RAT AVATAR SNORT: LEAR’S I, ISRAEL]
                        n-refer phase caps
Liar! O ta, nib. Moccas do Ma. Nul keel wag nil, lewd sat.
Art nail, law sac. I tore pock Nils: spins, blubs, re. knack rad Foer.
            A wan rub I am, eh Tyre?
Eidetic mammaries op. Pus. Pipe to the spirt titties oh no tone. Nob-nob awards not, e.g., ammo-hot.
A toil acid art roper’s VIP’s pal
Gnaw, gibe, esteem evil tie. Slup. Pit tan rude is super-up dude!
            Hose rosy ossuary mnemonist now.
            I saw tie. Id was teem. Ta, eater of foot, ogle.
Muss dog, warg nip, arcs cram, sit open, drag guls.
Eton tools apart, I arts e-farts.
No par, cots told. Lo, held dim, oh willed reel!
Potluck rims one. Ohs! Sag, nip, pat. Can gam ram a dam?
Hot salt as level, story as mast aflame.
Lap Eurasia, tit no nature palpitates.
            Made Tau, ah Xeno? Efface taser art lover.
            Mar Sel car immerse race, estab. 1969.
            Yo, ha, moo! Rev it, arrant orc, as if murder was tops!
            Won said remit, medial lacks irk. Oil let drats ab da Eden, oh, Hag nin-rut. No it. A tum, pee, knack cock!
            Cap Xi, son, ban a Noel. Ba, pluck cot, tub, no tool. Na, bats! ESL lips. Sis, a banana! I Ra till age trap a SEGA. Gas pin spans rood part. A sane denier, UTAS, so sad.
            Do say all law do pot.
            Cot sack car, try tram. Put ill law.
            Still it, Da, can I taps? Dog tip pint or a pot as sip Da eros. Dirt up seme, same ID. He was Fun’s e-son. Pa phase dirts Di, made Idsburg evil, sat pew Noel.
O, pang! Nitid nit at star mart. Elba it as nibana. Tool no tips if fit pot hot-tub smarm ridant at moo.                         Beep!
Die live, rot Yarra! Na, sit on tip taps, i.e., no dire πi lap. Sag nit. A rep’s axes gab. Sag nits, rub gob.
            Is poop a palindrome? Sun AWOL, laws smirk, rap loops. Peek: orb gut, red net.
            Wonks tug dong up rise if wet wen spasm oozes uredo — I miss piss parties, oh!
            Rev loved I ova none. Pot fat, tub at sack limy. Wed no evil, rot cat. Ah. Snot all atom, max a deal. Raw li vice-versa, Ides revert rats’ red rum to nod. Lebanon Deer. B, door B, sit sole Sid. A rap. He won no it. Cive brags: a gare, dame. He dun, Dame hem. Ah, seven! Mad Aton. Pup lap hoe, vital bats, gnat, rats.

                                                                                                Pay, Put in E-Cart.


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