Tastemaker Allowables

By | 1 November 2014

(15 signs I’ve become middle class)

  1. I don’t save anything for good
  2. a. I don’t save anything for bad

  3. Mind the poorhouse, cantilever side split
  4. 60 slow on the know how
  5. Berate with the swordfish mouth/kisser
  6. Orchestrate
  7. Take them down any way you like
  8. Jazzercise.
  9. Jazz ballet. Jazz jazz.
  10. Cry with diamonds, but keep gold in
  11. The spirit is upon us in our gleaning head
  12. Calibrate with the joypin, or knuckedust the foundling
  13. I’m never impressed by _______ .
  14. Control
  15. Cussons Imperial Leather
  16. Slate
  17. Round vowels round vowels dirty mind
  18. Relinquish thread
  19. Turncoats line the graduation queue
  20. Marmoset coat, and the way we were
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