By | 3 February 2024

to even up the more stoic exactitudes –
If that is your intent –
arcing up the atmos with a little ambient fizz
can be the solution.
Would you put on
a baby doll pyjama?
It’s very cute of
coarse and strident, much more
than it should rightly be
as so much whipped cream, textile-wise.
And yet
A baby doll contains all the
best parts for yourself and
others if you (blink) hard enough
Imagine a doll in a
Baby Doll. Imagine a barbie in a baby. Imagine if it were silk
or brocade and you wore it with your
Legs (bien sur) and sat atop a
fire hydrant as throne,
orating a verrrry long poem
in lieu of comedy, in lieu of desire.
And you were never cold in limb, oddly, maybe
If the baby doll were felt lined or velvet
lined or lined with ancient fur that
creates the best inner coating then, well…
is that pleasure for you entirely or for those who
come to see you
the hydrant


is this the Pleasure Principle, after all

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