Queerbaiting: The Musical

By | 3 February 2024

fellas, is it gay to queerbait? is it sleight of hand calling
attention to unspoken fires in each breath?

where there is space for quiet ache, the yearn you keep
to yourself until you find a trusted friend.

gay gaze in search of joy—ode to open shirt & hint
of cum gutters—ballad of bitten lip

all mixed messages—lust thirsts, in need of quenching—
to extinguish the names you call yourself

when you spit at the mirror each morning for being
so easily fooled by this cynical game—

head-in-hands realisation that we have played
ourselves, over & over—our needs

dumbed down & caught in every rainbow net. the bait
isn’t queer—it’s late-stage capitalism.

eventually, the 11 o’clock number—that straight men
are bad for your health—they complicate

attraction in exchange for your dollars & fandom.
what can we do but to will the walls

to crumble & reveal a stage where there are no velvet
curtains to hide behind at the end

of each performance—when the trend or TikTok
challenge has failed—when we have

seen through & beyond to where queer desire is canon
—smoke signals guiding us home.

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