Submission to Cordite 113: NO THEME

By , and | 9 February 2024

We’re looking for poems that show poise and polish while aspiring to be both sonorous and audacious. Where care for craft is at the heart but also undaunted by the crucible, theme-wise. Verses that show the poet’s willingness to step outside the too-self-pointed, attuned to the odes and elegies of the world, mindful of the music of the spheres.

This podcast sheds some insight on how Cordite Poetry Review (and Cordite Books) works.

Submission to Cordite 113: NO THEME closes 11.59pm Melbourne time 12 May 2024.

Please note:

  1. The guest editor(s) has sovereign selection choice for all poems submitted.
  2. Masthead editors will also contribute to the issue.
  3. We will only read submissions sent during our official submission periods.
  4. Please place up to three (3) poems in one (1) Word, RTF or PDF document (unless specifically noted otherwise for special issues), with no identifying details in the document itself.
  5. We are not able to offer feedback on individual poems.
  6. Submissions will only be accepted via Submittable …


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