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By | 1 November 2014

Nature, to give due credit, was deeply abducted by the 1960s.
Betty and Barney, for example, revealed under hypnosis how they
got Barney’s binoculars to dot UFOs: it was simply a matter of
training science to spot their amazed eyewitness accounts.
Studying the interior of their ship, one is struck by
the “Oz factor” which often sets out to accompany such encounters,
only to abandon them to their fate. Or if not them, someone:
a small being with whitish skin and large, cat-like eyes.
After conducting various tests, said Betty, the aliens,
joined by dotted lines in ways that drove her batty, just
couldn’t be described. But properties could be ascribed to them,
and Barney could have his penis inserted into their suction device,
if it helped. Maybe that way they could get down to Bedrock,
take nature along for the ride.

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