It Was an Escape

By | 1 November 2014

Frozen feets me out.
All the quiet days
I usually neglect.

Sound to sound a sound
The Bed! To bed! In
your new bed!

You know well how I
builds. Or call it: nest.
From our next moment

What else? But bad coffee
It’s such a lovely …
“Oh, this?”

Our clothes for bed, short
mornings meant for dress.
How uncovered gets me over

She says she loves
Then shows me less.
I slurp. Birds chirp.

Then too, some words
fit the shape, and perfect
an ear.

The same gambol, town
a town from town to town.
Cracks find ruins, found here;

a sense that it would.
Banal the inside weather
or not, under she lays.

Lies a prophylaxis. Steps
off a scaffold.
Our first last words

“beh beh?”

It was an escape.

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