Carmine Frascarelli

Carmine Frascarelli is an artist, poet and furniture maker based in Melbourne, Australia.

Carmine Frascarelli Reviews Nguyễn Tiên Hoàng

It’s with an almost exquisite eccentricity that Nguyễn Tiên Hoàng’s Captive and Temporal unfurls, immersing the reader in a discursive cartography over composite planes of memory, history, heritage, culture and dreams in surreal and interpenetrative riddles, dedications and elegies.

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Impressions in a Rehearsal Room East Coburg c. 2014

Each generation dreams the one to follow with the swagger of a zoo fictions dead-end in a mottled transparency here, just outside of skin the arm out aliases & stage names toy branches for aping manqués & it’s a stilled …

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Sydney Road #1

Exit left from an X, first glares, then stares aimed off in the late light and hit me sat on the three church steps. I’m just waiting for food (“ready in 10”) Less restraint, “he” with other hungered eyes; note …

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It Was an Escape

Frozen feets me out. All the quiet days I usually neglect. Sound to sound a sound The Bed! To bed! In your new bed! You know well how I builds. Or call it: nest. From our next moment What else? …

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