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By | 1 November 2014

Technique whittled to a spear prongs earth
as tabby night filters a soaped waterfall of recollected words
jammed in a shoe, prudently
It passes on a cloud
and can’t fit in the photo
that dissolves trusty leaves
that feather bright and soft, as if a picture’s jarred time
where unlit books ramble into dream, sleep’s pillion
levering The Anthology of Fireside Chats
away from the grate with an heirloom poker
or more exactly, some crimp heater sloughed by the street
Fill the chute’s leftovers, a mug’s trail of relenting principles
wired to ankle, currency lass in a jumper times the curfew
a ball of discomfort on a vintage beanbag
while daffodils recite – preamble: body-as-quest
tougher than a table of elements in pin-drop pause
Adjust the sigh track near a convocation of analysts
A remix swims over a screen
Talk: plastic

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