Awakening Slave

By | 1 May 2015

‘I never much liked the pictures, starlit, gauzy,
a crank hand dealing largesse it didn’t have
scrunched skies and foreground sentimental dogs
like my great-aunt’s china doorstops …’
Disconcerted at exchange, he returns to his vignette,
and last week’s salve backs into its humdrum test-tube
in a safety-catch pouch.
I couldn’t say goodbye to the door,
the facility’s ashed portico and encased plants
under a spool of birds
so print out my friends next to the Colosseum Knitwear,
a doff to its inspector blinds vertical like a corpse.
Sunflowers walk the brûlée gardens to tarp verandah’s ersatz shade.
At the corner they gasp over raw creation, baby on its petal, intoxicated car.
Afraid to own mistakes, fortunes say.
The iron gates’ trade stamp Ballarat 1903, in sun-spined indent.
Aloof birds lantern a tree’s torpor or jubilance
that drain like an extinguished star’s revenant.
A drink of instead of, parasol of intransigence,
that’s longing, then nix.

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