Jill Jones

Introduction to Em König’s Breathing Plural

Will we miss nature, asks Em König in Breathing Plural? In ‘dreams of stale breath’, maybe. Or ‘in another life, on another planet … maybe’ (echoing The Only Ones’ only hit). Glenn Albrecht says in Earth Emotions, ‘It [nature] effectively no longer exists’.

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Improvisings. Of Sheer Now.

1: What I’ll Become I am assembled a history of what I’ll become Far off there are holdfasts cosmos winks, metal and darkness The mind is also a swirl needless opera The divine numbers are a gamble zero is a …

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To Split and Join

To praise impressions wherever bodies lie down, whoever To be with skin To not be but be here To not be a cut-out on a back lot To keep shoes fit and batteries keen To be as real and dirty …

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Review Short: Cary Hamlyn’s Ultrasound in B-Flat and Other Poems and Jill Jones’s The Quality of Light and Other Poems

Jones’s superb collection reinvigorates poetry as a quality of illumination amidst all kinds of opacity, sparking affective and rhythmic conversations between literature, politics, ecology and cosmology. Her poetry engages and enacts what T S Eliot called the ‘auditory imagination’, ‘the feeling for syllable and rhythm, penetrating far below the conscious levels of thought and f eeling’.

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I’m restless about affinity There’s a form of am in every dream Stress prevaricates Aniseed lingers You can be too fond of fences making shiny choruses Air is a treasury The horizon fills with shallow light There’s devil in the …

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Alex Kostas Reviews Peter Goldsworthy, Jill Jones and Heather Taylor Johnson

Garron Publishing was started in 2010 by Gary MacRae and Sharon Kernott as a means of self-publishing work, but has since expanded into a successful run of poetry chapbooks by established and emerging South Australian poets.

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The Blossoms of Retail

We become our shopping something that’s not quite feeling a semi-emotion as if underwater or near tears unable to breathe or drown. Are we living in the present tense or another kind of mood? Where are the horses, the plains? …

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At Least Four Instances

how do you fend off the sea it will be here if not ever but as your fever or your shadow when you stop breathing do doors open as they did does your hand feel the same in the night …

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Review Short: Jill Jones’s Brink

It’s a neat twenty-five years since Jill Jones’s first book, The Mask and the Jagged Star, was published and in that time she has built for herself a reputation as a serious and ambitious poet whose work demands, and generally rewards, close reading. She is certainly not a poet of easy gestures or flashy effects.

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The Storm

The storm catches on the door. It’s a good sign, a surge that’s more than breathing, that blows away dirt from reliquaries, and directions from their careful signs. It’s near speech and near trembling, sky bringer fate crowning from its …

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Ekphrasis as ‘Event’: Poets Paint Words and the ‘Performance’ of Ekphrasis in Australia

To commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Newcastle Region Art Gallery (NRAG) in 2007, Lisa Slade and Peter Minter co-curated the exhibition Poets Paint Words. The two curators commissioned some of Australia’s best poets to write poems in response to a selection of paintings held in the NRAG archive.

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My Skeptic Tremor

Perhaps I require revolution rather than mending day or need to get back to my ill channels, disinterest, a fetish or two and a more obvious sin than procrastination. Force is never equal, not in my calculations, nor is severance …

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